Why Is Android Better Than Apple?


For the year 2021, Apple’s iPhone range advanced by introducing new hardware and software resources such as fast charging, a particular instance of the iPhone X, and a high-resolution AMOLED screen. Simultaneously, iOS 11 brought additional enhancements to Apple’s iPhones.


Why Is Android Better Than Apple


Even though iPhones have some good qualities, Android smartphones still provide a significantly superior blend of pricing and functionality in comparison to Apple’s limited selection.


Android removes the stabilizers and allows users to pick from a wide range of technology and applications, as well as important technologies including 3.5mm headphone connectors and USB-C connections that aren’t available even on the new iPhones.


You may also acquire an unlocked Android smartphone that’s more economical than the cheapest iPhone on the market, the iPhone SE.

Comparison Of Pros And Cons Of Android And Apple


Video calls may be made using native applications on both iOS and Android. Both platforms provide a single inbox for all of your email accounts.


Both allow you to pay for real-world objects using your mobile wherever authorized. Both would allow you to build a hotspot to connect your additional gadgets. Both of which have millions and millions of apps accessible in their own app shops.


One of the major advantages of the iPhone is that you don’t have to think about things all the time.


One of these so-called “closed system” approaches provides you a wonderful experience, and when you’ve figured out some of the openings and closures, iOS is straightforward and simple to use.


The disadvantage of iOS is that it offers less freedom and personalization than Android. In comparison, Android is more free-form, thanks to the android app development Agencies which translates to a far broader phone selection in the first instance and much more OS customization possibilities once you’re fully operational.


Top Five Reasons Which Prove That Android Is Better Than Apple


#1. The Price Range Should Fit Your Budget


Price Range


This simply implies from the very first statement in the list of reasons why Android is superior to the iPhone.


Android has a large range of devices with varying styles and specifications, so there is something for everyone at almost any price point. The exclusivity of Apple’s goods contrasts sharply with the inclusiveness of Android.


An Android phone is affordable to almost everyone. There are strong budget alternatives that provide people with a genuine smartphone experience. It may not be all singing and dancing, but there are solid budget options that provide people with a true smartphone experience.


That was more accurate in 2016 than it was in 2013 when this list was originally compiled.


There is indeed the Moto G range, but also the Honor 5X, a number of BLU devices, the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2, and even limited flagship devices like the Moto X Pure Edition and Nexus 5X.


#2. Availability Of Various Options


Availability Of Various Options


If you’re looking for a new smartphone, Apple has three options (unless you’re prepared to buy last year’s model at a steep discount).


The current iPhone lineup is available in two sizes, large and bigger, as well as two pricing points, costly and extremely expensive. And such devices are seldom discounted.


In comparison, your Android options come in a variety of sizes, forms, feature sets, and price ranges.


Some high-end Android devices (looking at you, Samsung) have price tags equivalent to a new iPhone, but the true sweet spot is in the middle, where handsets like the OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 3 fight head to head with flagship phones costing up to twice as much.


#3. Charging Ports USB Type-C For Fast Charging


Most modern Android phones now utilize a USB Type-C connector for charging, which means they can connect to an extraordinarily diverse range of ports and accessories, from global chargers to charging points.


Furthermore, USB-C facilitates fast wired charging on the majority of modern Android phones.


But with the latest gadgets in the iPhone series, powering quickly with a cord requires purchasing an additional 29-watt or higher power brick as well as a USB-C-to-Lightning cable.


If you would like to recharge your iPhone or attach it to your laptop for any purpose, you’ll need to have a cable with Apple’s unique Lightning connector.


Except for iPhones and iPads, neither devices recharge using Lightning, therefore you can’t have the same set of cords as your other gadgets. This is odd given that Apple’s MacBooks charge through USB-C.


#4. Easily Accessible Settings


To access several basic system settings, both Android and iOS provide similar shortcuts. On an iPhone, slide down from the top right to access Control Center, which has a number of shortcuts for activating Airplane Mode, adjusting screen brightness and volume, using the calculator, and so on. The Force Touch function is well utilized in the shortcuts.


But do you know what the Control Center does not allow you to accomplish? You are unable to access the main Settings page.


Thus, you may toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, however, if you really want to pair a new phone or reconnect to a different connectivity point, you must quit Control Center, locate and click the Settings button.


#5. Launcher Easily Replaceable


Take out an iPhone and juxtapose your entire screen to another iOS user. Oh, they’re precisely the same! It is not the case with Android.


If you really want to personalize the appearance of your Android phone or tablet, you may definitely check out a customized launcher.


In the Play Store, you can pick from a broad range of custom launcher apps to customize everything from your start screen layout to page animations, graphics, and motions.


With launcher applications, there is no danger, and you can truly open up endless possibilities.




I hope this information will help you to decide which platform will be best for you. Just research a bit more if you want to be sure about your decision because there is no harm in researching Android and Apple in addition to the best mobile app development companies.


When comparing Android versus iOS, there are a few more factors to consider. While detachable batteries are becoming increasingly rare, the ones that do exist are the sole realm of Android.


Likewise, portable storage is a great advantage, particularly for audiophiles, shutterbugs, and travelers. Considering many other aspects as well, make your final decision.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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