Which Android Launcher Is The Best?


Are you familiar with Android launchers? Would you like to know which Android launcher is the best? I will answer that question by providing you with a list of the best Android launchers that are currently on the market.


Which Android Launcher Is The Best

What Is An Android Launcher?


An Android launcher is the name that’s used to identify the part of the Android user interface that allows users to customize the home screen.


For example, the launcher is responsible for the desktop on the phone, launch mobile apps, make phone calls, as well as a number of additional tasks.


The launcher is built into the Android operating system, but there are a number of third-party launchers that can be download in the Google Play Store and used on Android phones.


What Makes Android Launchers Great?


One of the primary reasons why Android appeals to so many people is due to the fact that it provides a number of different ways for you to customize it.


In comparison to iOS which offers a walled garden in which the user interface is locked and you only have the ability to rearrange the icons.


In Android, wherever you see an icon or a setting, there’s a good chance that you can change it if you dislike something about it.


There are numerous Android smartphone manufacturers that have designed their own “skins” to run on top of the Android operating system.


The skin modifies many aspects of the user interface on the phone, everything from the shortcuts that appear on the home screen to the design of the menu.


Thus the reason why the software on Samsung phones has a different look and feel to them in comparison to the software on OnePlus phones.


The user gets control over this through the use of “launchers”. These launchers come in the form of apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


If you’re unhappy with the way the software looks on your phone, you should consider getting a launcher.


Launchers will change the look and feel of the software on your phone to better suit your needs.


There is a wide variety of launchers to choose from in the Google Play Store, each one looks different from the other.


Below I’ve compiled a list for the best Android launchers that are currently available on the market.


Which Android Launcher Is The Best?


  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Nova Launcher
  • Evie Launcher
  • BlackBerry Launcher
  • Launcher 10
  • Smart Launcher 5
  • Poco Launcher 2.0
  • Action Launcher
  • Lawnchair 2


Microsoft Launcher


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


Even though the Windows Phone was a failure, it may seem a bit strange that Microsoft invested time into creating software for the operating system of its rival.


Nevertheless, the Microsoft launcher is one of the best launchers that’s currently available.


There are many different customization options for this launcher which include an app icon customization, a built-in news window, expandable dock options, a widget shelf and more.


The Microsoft launcher can be easily integrated with Microsoft’s services such as Outlook, To-Do, Wunderlist, Skype and more.


Using this launcher will be beneficial for anyone who enjoys using any of those programs. What makes the Microsoft launcher great is the fact that it’s fast and extremely customizable.


It also gives you the ability to remove transition animations which will make things even faster, this is unquestionably one of the best Android launchers that’s currently available.


Download: Microsoft Launcher


Nova Launcher


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


The Nova Launcher has been around for quite some time now, this was one of the first launchers available.


Thus the reason why this app has a loyal following, nevertheless, the Nova Launcher offers lots of great customization options.


If there’s anything you dislike about this launcher, there’s a good chance that you will have the ability to change it.


Nova launcher gives you the ability to change the home screens, the spacing of the widgets, the animation speeds, and more.


Due to the fact that there are so many customization options, there’s a little bit of a learning curve, so you will have to invest some time into using this launcher to understand the way everything works before you can get it to look the way you want.


Nova launcher is an excellent launcher that most people enjoy using. However, people who know how to use it well are the ones who benefit the most from it.


This is a free launcher but there’s a Pro option which will cost you some money. Nevertheless, most people are content with the capabilities of the free version.


Download: Nova Launcher


Evie Launcher


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


Evie launcher is a simple user-friendly launcher that provides a great overall experience but it doesn’t offer as many customization options as some of the other launchers here.


With the Evie launcher, you will have the ability to choose the width of the app dock and the app columns, but you don’t have the ability to change anything else.


There are fewer customization options because the Evie launcher focuses on simplicity and speed.


This is one of the fastest launchers on the market and it’s extremely easy to navigate, the Evie launcher is ideal for anyone who prefers a quicker setup, this launcher has a robust search feature.


If you’re looking for a simple Android launcher, that’s extremely fast which requires minimal setup, you should consider the Evie launcher.


BlackBerry Launcher


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


The BlackBerry launcher was developed by BlackBerry, this launcher offers the look and feel and functionality of the BlackBerry phones that were popular many years ago.


BlackBerry has added some interesting features such as swipeable widgets, these generally appear when a compatible app icon has been swiped on.


They instantly offer information without using up any space on the home screen. There’s also the Blackberry Hub, this is a station that’s been integrated that’s used for all your communications.


The BlackBerry launcher is a great alternative for anyone who is looking for something a bit different from the typical Android launchers.


Download: BlackBerry Launcher


Launcher 10


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


The look and feel of Launcher 10 are reminiscent of the Windows Phone. Even though this phone was considered a failure, it has a small but loyal fanbase and this launcher was designed for them.


The user interface on Launcher 10 consists of a mosaic of customizable tiles. Even though it does not offer any of the functionality of the Windows Phone, it’s a nicely designed launcher that’s extremely easy to use.


Launcher 10 would be ideal for anyone who’s looking for something slightly different than the typical Android launchers.


Download: Launcher 10


Smart Launcher 5


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


Smart Launcher 5 works a bit differently from the other launchers on this list. This launcher relies on smart guesses to offer useful shortcuts and to group apps by type in an effort to simplify things to make it easier for the user.


The shortcuts and features of the Smart Launcher 5 will change the way that you use your phone, this was designed for adventurous people.


The Smart Launcher 5 will attempt to guess what you would like to do before you unlock your phone.


A word of warning, there’s a free and a paid version of this launcher. If you decide to use the free version, the pro version will be constantly advertised to you.


Download: Smart Launcher 5


Poco Launcher 2.0


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


A few years ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi launched the Pocophone F1, a budget phone with the specs of a flagship phone.


For this phone to be extremely fast and responsive, Xiaomi designed a separate launcher that’s extremely user-friendly and efficient.


Shortly thereafter, the launcher was released as a separate app on the Google Play Store and it’s compatible with all Android phones.


Poco Launcher is an extremely fast and responsive launcher that moves rapidly from one location to the other when you’re navigation around the user-interface.


This launcher also creates a shortcut on the home screen that cleans RAM on your phone to prevent the apps running in the background from consuming too much your phone’s resources.


This launcher is very similar to stock android because it provides a pure Android experience.


The download size is relatively small, this means that this launcher is a great option for budget phones and older phones.


Download: Poco Launcher


Action Launcher: Pixel Edition


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


The Action Launcher is another launcher that’s been around for quite some time. However, it was recently revamped and it has a new look and feel to it.


This is the Pixel version of the Action Launcher which provides a similar experience to that of a Google Pixel phone, so the main focus is on speed and simplicity.


This launcher provides easy access to the widget shelf and app lists. There’s a free version and a paid version to this app, when you’re using the free version the paid version is heavily promoted.


Nevertheless, the Action Launcher: Pixel Edition is great for a fast and responsive launcher with minimal setup.


Download: Action Launcher


Lawnchair 2


Which Android Launcher Is The Best


Lawnchair 2 is an open-source launcher, this is a simple, user-friendly launcher which focuses on speed while drastically reducing the unnecessary elements.


This launcher is lightweight so it’s a great option for people with older phones who would like to revamp the look and feel of the software on their phones.


Lawnchair 2 offers some nice customization options and widgets. This is a great choice for anyone who would like a simple launcher that’s relatively easy to set up.


Download: Lawnchair 2


This concludes my list of the best Android launchers. Hopefully, you were able to decide which Android launcher is best for you after reading the information provided here.


However, if you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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