What Is Wireless Charging And How Does It Work?


In this blog post, I will explain what is wireless charging. Many devices have been using wireless charging for a few years now but it wasn’t until the last year or so that it really caught on.

What Is Wireless Charging?
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There are two reasons for that, the lack of knowledge about wireless charging and the lack of support.

What Is Wireless Charging?


The ability to transfer electricity via an electromagnetic field between an outlet and a device without wires. The most common form of wireless charging is inductive charging.


This technology uses an alternating magnetic field to connect a mat or platform to your smartphone. The part on the phone that receives power is known as the induction coil.


There are several other versions of wireless charging but they are less common.


Even though wireless charging is relatively new. The principles behind wireless charging for your smartphones and other electronic devices have been around since the nineteenth century.


But up until the last few years, it was used in a limited number of devices. The devices that used it were small household items such as your electric toothbrush!


How Does Wireless Charging Work?


How Does Wireless Charging Work?

There are two main types of wireless charging. Tightly coupled charging is the most commonly used form of charging for smartphones today.


It works by either using a coupled electromagnetic induction coil or a charging bowl/surface. These devices charge smartphones by letting out a very small amount of electricity in a more or less directed manner.


Your smartphone has to be within a few centimeters or right against the induction coil for this to work.


On the other hand, there are devices that are experimenting with uncoupled radio frequency charging. This charging uses RF signals to send a charge out into a room.


Typically, with the current level of technology, we can reach far enough to go several feet or more. Enough to charge your device while it’s in the same room.


RF frequency charging does have a drawback. Charging this way is incredibly slow. Due to the need to send the power out in all directions, the charge is what is known as a trickle charge.


A small amount of power over time that eventually adds up.


How Common Is Wireless Charging?


How Common Is Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is now available in both Apple and Android devices. Far more Android devices come equipped with the technology for the simple fact that they have been using it longer.


Many flagship phones today come equipped with wireless charging. Many smaller brands have also implemented it. Finding a phone with wireless charging isn’t hard.


In the near future, wireless charging may become a standard feature on smartphones.


It’s also possible that uncoupled RF frequency charging may become a commonplace addition to wireless charging. Because the ability to charge your phone from anywhere in the room is extremely convenient.


Wireless Charging Problems:


Wireless charging has come a long way within the short period of time that it has been around. Tech companies have been working hard to refine it because smartphone users enjoy using this feature. That being said, there are a few problems.


One of the biggest problems is the lack of standardization. Many brands use different technology. What may work for one smartphone or wearable device, may not work for another.


This is an ever-evolving problem as new developments are made and the new technology is only being added to one brand.


Another problem that you will find is the limited range. Most devices have to be placed on a charging pad. But not just on that pad, in the right orientation on that pad with a certain point making contact.


Every new iteration of the technology is working to address this problem but it has yet to be perfected.


Wireless charging technology has already made a splash around the world. Many businesses and organizations are now offering wireless charging.


Some car companies now have cars with wireless charging capabilities. If you dislike having to charge your phone via wired charging in your car, then you may appreciate this feature.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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