What is VoIP And How Does VoIP Work?


VoIP gives us the ability to use traditional telephone services via computer networks. In this brief blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about VoIP phones.


What Is VoIP

What Is VoIP?


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, this refers to a category of hardware and software that gives us the ability to use the Internet as a medium for telephone calls.


How Does VoIP Work?


VoIP technology gives us the ability to use traditional telephone services on computer networks by using packet-switched protocols.


Packet-switched VoIP places voice signals into packets, think of it as an electronic envelope.


The VoIP packets can then be transmitted via any VoIP compatible network, such as a local area network (LAN).


VoIP is the technology service providers use to convert your voice into a digital signal. This gives you the ability to make calls from a computer, a VoIP phone, or other devices.


This is like having phone service via the internet, this is also referred to as internet telephony, IP telephony, broadband telephony, or broadband phone service.


A Different Kind Of Phone Service:


A Different Kind Of Phone Service

Due to the fact that VoIP uses packets, significantly more information can be transferred over the network to enhance and support your communication needs.


VoIP works great for individuals, however, this technology can also benefit business owners as well.


If you’re a business owner VoIP can give you access to advanced applications that may help your staff be more productive when carrying out their duties.


VoIP business solutions have quickly evolved into centralized communications services that treat all communications ie. email, voice mail, phone calls, faxes, and web conferences as individual units that can be delivered by any means to any handset, including phones.


Should You Consider Switching To VoIP?


Here are two reasons why you should consider switching:


  1. If you switch to VoIP you may save some money on your communications services.
  2. With VoIP services, long-distance and international calls are usually free.


You will only be charged for your internet access. If you’re a business owner, the implementation of VoIP does not mean that all your employees must use IP-enabled phones.


The best VoIP providers on the market implement IP telephony in a way that protects your financial investment in your existing telephone equipment, even if you have an analog telephone station.


Here’s Another Reason To Switch To VoIP:


One of the main advantages of using a VoIP service is that the telephone calls via the internet will never acquire any overage fees beyond what you have to pay for Internet access.


A Few Of The Major VoIP Service Providers Include:



These VoIP solutions work great for individuals and businesses.


Now You Know More About VoIP And How It Works:


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