What Is Stock Android? And Why Do People Like It?


If you’ve read about smartphones online within the past few years there’s a good chance that you are familiar with the term Stock Android. But do you know what is Stock Android? In this blog post, I will thoroughly explain this and I will tell you why people like it.

What Is Stock Android

What Is Stock Android?


Stock Android is also known as pure Android, this is the most basic version of the Android operating system which was developed by Google.


This is a version of Android that has not been altered. This means that the smartphone manufacturers have installed it as is without making any modifications to it.


The Android operating system is open-source, this means that smartphone manufacturers can make modifications to it if they would like to.


These modifications are known as a user interface or a custom skin on top of the operating system.


This adds new features and functionalities but it also changes the way it looks. There are a variety of custom skins which include HTC Sense, OxygenOS (OnePlus), Samsung Experience, and more.


There are some skins such as OnePluse’s OxygenOS which look extremely similar to stock Android but has a few additional features.


These features include:

  • Reading Mode
  • App Locker


Reading Mode filters out blue light for a better reading experience especially when reading at night.


App Locker protects your apps from anyone else who may use your phone. With this feature, you can open an app of your choice by drawing a W, V, M, O, or S on the display screen while it’s asleep.


There are other skins such as Huawei’s EMUI which change the overall look and feel of the operating system. Thus providing a completely different user experience.


You do not get these things on Stock Android, all you get is the features which were developed by Google.


There are many smartphone users who prefer to use a phone with Stock Android because it has quite a few advantages over the customized versions.


Why Do People Like To Use Stock Android?

Why Do People Like To Use Stock Android?
Google Pixel 4

One of the main advantages of having a phone with Stock Android is the fact that you get fast updates.


The phones that are using it are generally the first phones to get upgraded to the latest versions of the operating system.


While people who own phones that have their own version of the operating system will have to wait for a while before getting the update.


This is due to the fact that these smartphone manufacturers have to make lots of modifications to the software before it can be released.


Another reason why people like Stock Android is because it does not have bloatware.


This means that they do not come with the pre-installed apps which were made by the smartphone manufacturer that you may never use.


Most of these apps cannot be deleted from the phone unless you root it. All these unnecessary apps occupy space on your internal storage.


If these apps were not there that space could have been used for something else. Aside from that, the operating system itself occupies more space as a result of having all those additional apps.


Stock Android occupies less internal storage space on your phone in comparison to the modified versions of the operating system.


Stock Android Design:

Google Pixel 4 XL - Stock Android Design:
Google Pixel 4 XL

Stock Android has a nice, clean look and feel to it, only providing you with the bare essentials.


In many cases, it looks completely different from some of the Android skins that are currently on the market.


Many people love Stock Android because it’s simple and extremely user-friendly. It’s also faster and more responsive than many of the customized versions of the operating system.


However, the difference in speed should be mynute unless the custom skin was poorly designed.


I’m not stating that Stock Android is better than all the custom skins. I’m simply pointing out the differences.


We all have our own personal preferences, so you can read the information provided in this blog post to determine which version of Android would be best for you.


Some Phones With Stock Android:

Google Pixel 3 XL - Some Phones With Stock Android
Google Pixel 3 XL

Some of the best Stock Android phones that are currently on the market are the ones that were made by Google. These phones include the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 3 as well as some of the Nexus phones.


Now you know everything there is to know about Stock Android and why people like it. Do you like it or do you prefer the custom skins? Please let me know in the comment section below.



  1. My son has been trying to convince me to purchase an Android phone when my iPhone needs replacement. Well, it’s time. Your article has been immensely helpful, especially in describing the Stock Android. I will definitely go that route. Thank you so very much.

  2. I would love a Stock Adroid, as I now have an old Iphone and I hate those Apps that come installed…my next phone will be an Android for d**n sure!!


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