What Is NFC And How Does It Work


NFC stands for Near Field Communication, this is a method of wireless data transfer and it’s a common feature you will find on the majority of phones that are currently on the market today.


NFC makes it possible for us to use tap and go services such as Android Pay, Amiibo, and Apple Pay. In this blog post, I will share some practical way you can use it.

Now You Know What Is NFC:


What Is NFC?

How Does NFC Work?


NFC evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The NFC chip works as one part of a wireless link.


When it becomes activated by another chip, data is transferred between two devices that are close to each other no more than 4 inches apart.


The process is simple and it does not require a pairing code to link up and it’s extremely efficient because the chips that are used do not require very much power in comparison to other types of wireless communication.


NFC works well because it does a great job of identifying you via enabled cards.


How Can I Use NFC?

Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 4

It all depends on the make and model of your phone, because every cell phone manufacturer have their own NFC apps but the features and functionalities vary from one phone to another.


NFC On Android


NFC On Android
Android Pay

Android phones have a much wider variety to choose from. The most common choice among Android users is Android Pay.


This works on a variety of Android phones, it gives you the ability to access your money via contactless payments.


For people who have Samsung phones in the US, there’s Samsung Pay, which works in a similar manner.


Nevertheless, the NFC features and functionalities on phones are not limited to payments. There’s Ice Cream Sandwich and Android Beam which was released in 2011.


These NFC platforms make it simple to transfer contacts, photos, and directions by holding two phones together.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay
Apple Pay

NFC functionality on the iPhone is limited, it’s only usable for Apple Pay from the iPhone 6 onward. It’s very much like Android Pay because it’s an app that gives you the ability to link up your credit/debit card and use your phone via contactless readers.


It makes no difference what type of phone you have because more and more business places are supporting contactless payments via your phone’s NFC chip.


NFC Tags

NFC Tags
NFC Tags

NFC tags are being built into informational kiosks and posters, they are used to transmit additional information. It’s similar to scanning a QR code that can trigger a map, a discount coupon, or a web page.


There are some Bluetooth headphones and speakers which display the NFC logo. This means that you can connect to the NFC-enabled device a bit faster by holding your phone close to it in comparison to manually making the connection.


If you’re not currently using NFC but you would like to try it out, you must find out whether or not your phone is compatible with NFC tags and contactless payment terminals.


If you purchased your phone within the past few years, it should be compatible, however, you should still check the list of compatible phones to make sure.


NFC capabilities will continue to expand, who knows what else we will be able to do with NFC in the near future, only time will tell.


NFC Security

NFC Security
NFC Security

There are people who may try to steal your debit/credit card info from the NFC in your phone via NFC skimming. There are NFC skimming tactics that criminals can use to steal your sensitive information by scanning your phone.


Android Pay and Apple Pay have implemented certain things to prevent this from happening but cybercriminals are always trying to find different ways to steal sensitive information.


Apple states that Apple Pay exclusively stores payment information on the phone. The card information that’s being encrypted will only be used by the merchant and payment network for verification purposes.


Your private information isn’t stored in the cloud or in the iOS source code. So if you lose your iPhone, you can manually delete your sensitive information via the “Find my iPhone” feature.


If you use Android Pay, your debit/credit card information will never be transmitted. Instead, a virtual account number will be used which will represent your account information.


So your sensitive information will be safe if your phone gets lost or stolen you will be able to remotely lock it or delete everything via Android Device Manager.


If you currently have a debit/credit card with NFC capabilities. You can protect yourself by placing a sleeve over the card, the sleeve will deflect the radio frequencies and prevent the transfer of information.


Now you know everything there is to know about NFC, please let me know if you have any comments or questions about this information in the comment section below.



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