What Is Cyberbullying And How To Prevent It


Are you familiar with cyberbullying? Do you know what is cyberbullying? One of the main drawbacks of modern technology is cyberbullying.


What Is Cyberbullying?


We must learn how to prevent cyberbullying. If you have kids you must make sure that they do not become a victim of cyberbullying. Or they are not participating in cyberbullying in any way.

Cyberbullying Statistics:


  • Almost 43% of kids have been a victim of cyberbullying, 1 in 4 kids has had it happen more than once.
  • 70% of kids have observed cyberbullying online on many occasions.
  • 81% of kids believe that it’s easier to get away with cyberbullying.
  • Girls are 2 times more likely to become victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying than boys.
  • 90% of teens who have seen cyberbullying say that they have ignored it.
  • More than 80% of teens use a cell phone regularly, this makes it the most common medium for cyberbullying.
  • Only 1 in 10 victims will inform their parents or guardians that they are being cyberbullied.
  • Roughly 75% of students have admitted that they have bashed other students online.
  • 68% of teens believe that cyberbullying is a big problem.
  • Kids who are being bullied are 2 to 9 times more likely to consider committing suicide.



What Is Cyberbullying?


Cyberbullying is the use of an electronic communication device i.e. (computer, tablet, or cell phone) to bully another person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature.


Why Does Cyberbullying Happen?


Why Does Cyberbullying Happen?

Cyberbullying happens because some kids are motivated to do it by frustration, anger, or revenge. Some kids do it because they are bored and they have nothing else to do with their time. While other kids do it as a form of entertainment.


Some kids do it because they have low self-esteem, so they boost their self-esteem by tormenting someone else.


While other kids do it because they are defending themselves from traditional bullying or defending someone else who is being bullied.


Some kids may not want to participate in traditional bullying because of the consequences. However, cyberbullying may be more appealing to them because they can do it anonymously.


The motives for participating in cyberbullying vary from one kid to another, therefore, every cyberbullying incident will be different.


What Are The Signs Of Cyberbullying?


  1. If your child starts avoiding social situations.
  2. If your child deletes their social media accounts.
  3. If your child starts creating new social media accounts.
  4. If your child becomes depressed and loses interest in activities that they once enjoyed.
  5. If your child starts constantly having public displays of anger in regards to what’s happening on their phone.


You Must Observe The Online Activities Of Your Kids:


You Must Observe The Online Activities Of Your Kids

Smartphone use and the use of social media applications have become extremely popular among the kids in our society today.


The more social media applications a child uses, the greater the potential that they will be exposed to cyberbullying.


Luckily there cell phone apps for parents. These apps will give the parent the ability to monitor their child’s online activity and control what features can and cannot be used on their child’s phone.


How To Stop Cyberbullying:


If you notice the signs of cyberbullying that I mentioned above and you were able to get some definitive evidence that your child is being bullied via their online activities. You should do the following things:


Gather evidence – You should gather as much evidence as you can about what’s been going on i.e. text messages, voice messages, emails, and social media posts.


Have a conversation with your kid – Let them know that you are aware of what’s been going on and ask them who is involved, and how it all got started?


Report it to the authorities – Cyberbullying is a direct violation of most social media platforms so if you report it to the administrators the social media account of the perpetrator will most likely be deleted.


If your kid is being cyberbullied by a classmate, you should report it at the school. If physical threats were made or any type of illegal activities are taking place, you should report it to the police.


Provide support – A group of friends and trusted adults can help by way of public intervention. This can be done by posting positive comments about the kid who is being targeted.


This group can also get in touch with the cyberbully to let them know that this type of behavior is not acceptable.


How To Prevent Cyberbullying:


Now you know everything there is to know about cyberbullying. So you can use this information as a guide to prevent your kid from cyberbullying.


If you have any comments or questions about the information provided here please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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