What Is Call Screening? Why Should You Use It?


Are you familiar with call screening? In this blog post, I will thoroughly explain what it is and how it works.


What Is Call Screening?

What Is Call Screening?


Call screening refers to a process that gives you the ability to evaluate the characteristics of a call before deciding whether or not you would like to answer it.


Call Screening Methods You Can Use:


  1. Checking the caller ID to see who called or where the call came from.
  2. Listening to the message on the voice mail or answering machine.
  3. Checking the date and time of calls received.


Why Should You Use Call Screening?


Call screening gives you the ability to see who’s calling and it allows you to accept or decline calls. You also have the ability to block or route specific numbers.


The identification details of the caller will normally appear on your phone’s display screen.


There are a number of free call screening features that will give you the ability to answer the important calls you would like to answer.


While declining the calls that are not important to you or blocking certain numbers from calling you again in the future.


How Does Call Screening Work?


Call screening technology is powered by software that recognizes the caller’s phone number and displays it to you on your phone’s display screen or your desktop app.


However, you will not see the name of the caller if they have blocked their number or paid for local number masking.


Call screening has been around for many years now and it’s been available for personal phones as well as business phone systems such as virtual phone services and VoIP.


Some smartphone users may truly appreciate this feature while others may not.


Why Should Businesses Use Call Screening?


Call screening is extremely helpful for businesses because it’s great for a busy employee who’s answering the phone to be able to see who’s calling to determine whether or not to answer the phone.


A research study by Orion discovered that almost half of the calls in 2019 will be robocalls. It looks like scammers will be around for a long time to come and call screening is the best way for businesses to avoid these calls.


Call screening can help companies to save time and money by avoiding unwanted spammy phone calls.


Small businesses that cannot afford to pay for VoIP services have the ability to have a professional phone presence as a result of free services such as Google Voice.


Google Voice will answer the call and ask the caller for their name before forwarding the call to you. Call screening is extremely beneficial for businesses of all sizes.


How Much Does Call Screening Cost?


There are a number of different options to choose from, there are free and paid solutions.


However, what’s great about this is the fact that call screening is bundled into phone services for free.


Two of the most popular services that people use are on VoIP platforms, these services are Google Voice which is free and RingCentral which is paid.


The cost for a call screening solution varies based on the kind of internet phone system you have:


Virtual Phone Systems:


A Virtual phone system such as Google Voice is free and it gives you the ability to screen calls. There are paid services such as Grasshopper, which start at $26 per month that offer more advanced features as well as a free toll-free number.


Useful Call Screening Features:


  • Caller ID Message
  • Call Greeting
  • Call Options


Caller ID Message:


After your phone service has received the name and number of the caller. It will send you a notification via your desktop phone, your mobile app, or any other compatible device that you may be working on.


This may be delivered to you as an on-screen transcription of the caller’s name or as an audio message when your phone rings.


Call Greeting:


When a person calls your business, if you have Google Voice or another service it will automatically answer the call with a voice greeting.


The voice greeting may say “Thank you for calling (your business). Please say your name at the tone.”


After the person says their name, the system will take the voice recording and forward it to your phone.


While this is happening, your phone system will identify the phone number and try to match it to someone in your contact list.


Call Options:


Your phone service will provide you with a set of options to help you manage the calls you receive. Once you know who’s calling you, you can decide whether you would like to accept or decline the call.


If you’re receiving harassing calls from spammers you can block the number to prevent them from calling you again.


Some Great Call Screening Providers:


Most VoIP systems and virtual phone services provide call screening features. However, there are a number of different providers to choose from which offer solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Here are a few great call screening providers that you should consider:


Google Voice:

Google Voice
Google Voice

Google Voice is a virtual phone service provider that provides individuals and businesses with a free local business number.


Google Voice also provides a free call screening feature that will greet your callers and ask for their names before forwarding them to you. You should consider signing up for Google Voice, remember this service is free.




RingCentral is much more than a VoIP phone service, it’s an extremely robust office communications platform.


RingCentral gives you the ability to screen calls whether you’re on a mobile app, a desk phone, or your computer’s desktop. This service starts at $19.99 per month, visit RingCentral’s website to learn more about what this company offers.




Grasshopper is a virtual phone service provider that provides a toll-free business number and call screening, this service starts at $26 per month.


Grasshopper offers a free trial for a limited amount of time you should visit Grasshopper’s website to learn more about what Grasshopper offers or to sign up for the free trial.


Google Call Screen:

Google Call Screen

Google Call Screen is a feature that’s available on all the Google Pixel phones. However, it’s also available on Motorola phones and Nokia phones that were released after 2018.


With this feature when someone calls your phone, if you tap the “Screen call” option the Google Assistant will ask who’s calling and why.


When the caller responds, you will receive a transcript of their response in real-time. This is a great feature that Google Pixel, Motorola, and Nokia users will enjoy using.


You can tell the caller that you’re not available, ask for more information, or accept the call when you know that it’s an important call that you should take.


Devices That Support Call Screening:

Google Pixel 4 XL - Devices That Support Call Screening:
Google Pixel 4 XL

Every device that you can use for calling will have call screening options. Whether you use a phone, an app, or a desktop interface you will have call screening options at your disposal.


You Can Choose What Calls Are Screened:


In RingCentral and with many other service providers you have the ability to go into the settings menu and set filters for specific numbers.


For example, you can choose to screen calls from certain numbers on your contact list. Or you can choose to only screen calls from numbers that are not on your contact list.


You Can Automatically Block Calls At Specific Times:


You Can Automatically Block Calls At Specific Times

The majority of business phone services provide an option to set business hours and you can decide how you would like to handle the calls received during those hours.


You have the ability to send all the callers to your voicemail so they can leave a message, or you can block the calls.


Now You Know About Call Screening:


If you have any comments or questions or if you would like to share your experiences with call screening, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.



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