What Is Apple CarPlay And Why You Should Use It?


Are you an avid iPhone user? Are you familiar with Apple CarPlay? In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about Apple CarPlay.


What Is Apple CarPlay?

What Is Apple CarPlay?


Apple CarPlay is an app that allows a car radio or head unit to act as a controller for an iPhone.


Why Should You Use Apple CarPlay?


Why Should You Use Apple CarPlay?

You should use Apple CarPlay because it provides a safer, smarter way for you to use your phone while driving.


If you’re someone who likes to use your phone while driving, you know that it’s extremely unsafe to do so.


Apple CarPlay provides a convenient way for you to access many features on your phone without having to touch it.


You will be able to access lots of features on your phone without taking your eyes off the road.


There’s a new dashboard now that can assist you with turns, tunes, Siri suggestions, and a Calendar app that gives you the ability to manage your daily activities.


Apple CarPlay sits on top of the car’s infotainment system. Apple’s goal is to provide a better user experience with Apple CarPlay than that of the car’s generic infotainment system.


What Does Apple CarPlay Do?


Apple CarPlay can perform many of the same features as your iPhone. You can use it to listen to music or podcasts, send and reive text messages, make phone calls, and get turn by turn directions to get you where you need to go.


All of these features are displayed on a simple, user-friendly interface with big icons that all iPhone users will recognize.


The majority of the features can be easily accessed using Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. For example, you can ask Siri to play a particular song or call someone and Siri will do it.


If your car does not have voice recognition technology, you can easily navigate the user interface via the touchscreen that’s embedded in the dashboard.


Or you can also use the buttons on the steering wheel and center console. You must know that your iPhone’s display screen is locked when Apple CarPlay is active.


The main purpose of Apple CarPlay is to reduce your distractions while you’re driving.


There are a number of third-party apps that are compatible, these apps include, WhatsApp, CBS Radio, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, Waze, NPR, Tidal, Google Play Music, and Google Maps.


But vehicle settings are not part of Apple CarPlay, so you must exit the app to adjust the climate control temperature, select a different driving mode, or browse radio stations.


Google has helped Volvo to develop infotainment systems, however, no car manufacturers have a partnership with Apple.


What Phones Are Compatible With Apple CarPlay?

iPhone XR
iPhone XR

The iPhone is the only phone that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay. The iPhone 5 and later models are Apple CarPlay friendly. However, the phone must run iOS 7.1 or later for the app to work.


You will not be able to use Apple CarPlay if you have an iPhone with a 30-pin connector.


What Cars Are Compatible With Apple CarPlay?


What Cars Are Compatible With Apple CarPlay?


There are many different cars that are compatible with Apple CarPlay. There are a number of basic cars as well as high-end cars.


Some of the cars on this list include BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Volvo, Porsche, and Lamborghini. There are more than 500 models of cars that support Apple CarPlay.


Some of the car manufacturers on this list charge customers an extra fee to add this technology, while other car manufacturers include it as a standard feature.


If you’re looking for a new car or a used one, it’s very easy to find one that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay.


Do You Need A Signal For Apple CarPlay To Work?

Do You Need A Signal For Apple CarPlay To Work?


To get the most out of Apple CarPlay you must have a cell phone signal because the majority of the functions will only work if you have a cell phone signal.



Is Apple CarPlay Available In My Country?


Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay isn’t available globally. It’s only available in thirty-six countries in the world. A few of the countries on the list have restricted usability, restricted in the navigational capabilities.


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