What Is Android One? What Does It Have To Offer?


It seems as though Google has been having fun when naming all the different Android operating systems that it has released thus far. We have had Donut, Gingerbread, KitKat, Lollipop, and Pie just to name a few.


What Is Android One

What Is Android One?


Android One is a version of the Android operating system that’s close to stock Android which was developed by Google.


Unlike the other operating systems such as Donut, Gingerbread, KitKat… Android One cannot be modified by smartphone manufacturers and it’s only available on certain smartphones.


With this operating system, Google promises regular security updates for three years, and Android operating system updates for two years.


Smartphones that come equipped with the Android One operating system have a label on the back of the phone to let you know.


The manufacturer of the phone is also letting you know that it’s a clean version of Android that’s free from all the preloaded apps and bloatware that you will normally find on many of the other smartphones on the market.


That means that there will be no pre-loaded Facebook app, news app, or Microsoft Office. This is something that many smartphone users appreciate.


Google’s goal with this operating system is to promote the spread of Google controlled Android smartphones.


This is very similar to the Nexus program that was offered some years ago. But rather than smartphones being sold by Google.


These are Android smartphones that have been made by other smartphone manufacturers.


The biggest advocate of Android One is Nokia. Nokia has a wide variety of smartphones that uses this operating system.


What Does Android One Have To Offer?


Google has stated that smartphones that feature Android One have the best version of Android, right out the box.


So it’s stock Android with a hint of Google goodness which offers all the features of the core operating system.


However, Android One provides a different user experience from that of the Google Pixel Phones.


The Pixel Phones feature a Pixel Launcher or Pixel Camera, which is exclusive to the Pixel phones.


So these will not be available on the other Android smartphones that feature this operating system.


Google Assistant


Android One phones have been optimized for Google Assistant. You can use the assistant to call someone, send an email, perform a search in Google and more. This is a great service that continues to improve.


Google Support


Smartphones that feature Android One will receive two years of upgrades to the latest version of the Android operating system.


So you don’t have to wait for the manufacturer of your smartphone to roll out updates because the manufacturer does not have much to do with the operating system.


As I stated earlier with an Android One smartphone the smartphone manufacturer cannot alter the software at all.


As a result of this, it’s extremely easy for Google to upgrade the software when the time comes.


You also get 3 years of Android monthly security updates. Thus far upgrades have been really fast to the smartphones that already have Android One operating system.


Google Apps


You will get the full suite of Google services which include Google Maps, YouTube, Google Duo and more.


All Android One phones come equipped with built-in Google Play Protect. This helps to keep your apps secure and to make sure that they are working correctly at all times.


Hardware Support


In smartphones that feature Android One Google offers support for hardware elements.


Android smartphones are so different from each other so the Android One program adds some unique hardware features with software to control them. This will vary from one smartphone to another.


You will also get the smartphone manufacturer’s own camera app because the company that makes the smartphone does not have to use the basic Android camera, they can use their own camera.


For example, on a Nokia phone, there is a Nokia camera with Pro modes which is very different from the stock Android camera.


What Smartphones Have Android One?


What Smartphones Have Android One?
HTC U11 Life

As I stated earlier, Nokia is the biggest supporter with a number of smartphones ranging from Nokia 5 through Nokia 9.


But aside from Nokia, the HTC U11 Life was the first smartphone to feature the Android One operating system.


Then the LG G7 One, Xiaomi Mi A2 and Motorola One. One of the main factors that make Android One a viable option among smartphone users is the fact that it offers a pure Android experience.


And all smartphones that feature this operating system have been extremely fast to update to the new versions of Android as a result of this.


Know You Know About Android One:


Now you know just about everything there is to know about Android One. But if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.



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