What Is An IP Phone And How Does It Work


There have been quite a bit of technological advancements in the telephone industry within the past few years. As a result of this, we have quite a few different types of telephones. In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about IP phones.

What Is An IP Phone And How Does It Work

What Is An IP Phone?


An IP phone is also known as a VoIP phone, it’s a phone that relies on internet protocol rather than circuit-switched PSTN.


How Does An IP Phone Work?


An IP phone is connected via an Ethernet cable, instead of a phone jack. This means that the phone is connected to the internet and it connects to the IP address of the hosted PBX provider or the VoIP provider.


An IP phone works in a different manner from that of a typical phone that’s connected via a phone jack.


An IP phone and a PSTN phone are not compatible, nevertheless, you can access the internet with a PSTN phone with an analog telephone adapter.


However, there are pros and cons to doing this, if you use an analog telephone adapter to access the internet via a PSTN phone you will be able to make phone calls.


However, you will not be able to take full advantage of all the features that an IP phone possesses.


Nevertheless, you can do this if you’re in the privacy of your own home and it’s convenient for you to do it.


However, in a place of business, it would be better to get new IP phones and upgrade to VoIP.


There are a number of different IP phones that are currently on the market. They come in different shapes and sizes and they work with different operating systems.


Some IP phones look very similar to that of a traditional business phone. While others look more like a tablet.


Another variant of an IP phone is a conference phone, these phones come equipped with three microphones around it and a speaker.


A telepresence is another type of IP phone but it looks like a small television studio, these phones normally have one or more screens of different sizes as well as one or more cameras.


Most videoconference phones normally encode and decode into video formats, instead of audio formats.


Nevertheless, this method is known as internet protocol, so a video phone is also an IP phone.


Software such as WhatsApp and Skype can also be considered to be IP phones. Even though they are normally referred to as softphones.


An Ethernet cable normally supplies an IP phone with its power, rather than a power supply.


This is referred to as Power over Ethernet (PoE), this works great for wiring phones in a location where there is no power available.


Nevertheless, many IP phones come equipped with Wi-Fi, this was meant to be used in cases where you can get power.


However, there is no readily available internet jack but some of the high-end IP phones have Bluetooth capabilities.


As a result of this, you can connect a phone and the phone can be anywhere. One of the great features of IP phones is called pass-through.


This feature gives you the ability to plug one end into a router and the other into a computer.


This varies from one IP phone to the other because some IP phones have high-speed pass through while others have gigabit pass-through.


How To Choose The Right IP Phone For You:


How To Choose The Right IP Phone For YouTwo of the biggest IP phone manufacturers are Cisco and Polycom there are other brands as well.


However, no particular brand or model of IP phone is superior to the others. When trying to find the right IP phone for your home or business you must try to find the model with the right features to suit your needs at a price that you can afford.


The most expensive IP phones can handle many different lines. However, the same phone that’s appropriate for a secretary may have all the features that the CEO of a large company will appreciate.


IP phones can make SIP calls which stands for Session Initiation Protocol. This refers to voice calls that are transmitted over a SIP Trunk or SIP Channel.


SIP calls require a type of internet protocol to connect to SIP addresses. A SIP address is like an email address for your phone.


It’s free to send emails to whomever you want to the same way it’s free to make SIP-to-SIP calls.


When making a SIP call, the call must be made to the SIP address, not to the phone number of a provider that uses SIP.


There are a number of different types of IP phones, each one of these phones have their pros and cons like every other phone.


Some people prefer a modern touch screen phone with all the latest features and functionalities.


While other people prefer something a bit more simple with only the basic features.


Nevertheless, IP phones can do much more than that of circuit-switched phones. Now you know everything there is to know about IP phones.


If you have any comments or questions about this information or if you would like to share your experiences with IP phones, please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.



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