What Is A SIM Card And What Does The SIM Card Do?


Do you know what is a SIM card? SIM card stands for subscriber identification module or subscriber identity module. The SIM card identifies the owner of the phone and it communicates with the owner’s cellular network.


What Is A SIM Card

This allows the cellular subscriber to use the communication features of a specific device.


A SIM card is necessary to allow most cell phones to send text messages, make calls, and connect to 3G and 4G internet services.


A SIM card looks like a small plastic chip. There are Mini SIM cards and Micro SIM cards which feature a cut-off corner to make it easier for you to insert the card correctly into the phone.


What Is A Sim Card And What Does It Do?


What Does A Sim Card Do?


The SIM card in a cell phone contains a unique identification number that identifies the owner of the phone and the cellular network that the owner is subscribed to. For example, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone on the Verizon network.


The phone needs a SIM card which will let Verizon known that the phone is yours and you are paying for the subscription.


The information provided here will apply to Android phones and iPhones.


If you remove the SIM card from your phone you may be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network and use the phone. However, you cannot connect to any carrier’s cellular network.


This means that you will not be able to send text messages or make phone calls.


There are also mobile SIM cards, if you purchase a new phone and you put the mobile SIM card in the phone. The phone number, as well as the carrier plan that’s associated with the SIM card, will work on the phone.


If the battery on your phone is dead but you need to make a phone call and you have another phone around. You can put the SIM card in the other phone and use it.


The SIM card contains memory that is capable of storing up to 250 contacts, text messages, and other unique information that will be used by the carrier who made the card.


In many places around the globe, SIM cards and phones are locked by the carrier who supplied them. This means that if you have a SIM card from a particular carrier, it will work in any phone which is sold by the same carrier.


However, it will not work in a phone which is sold by another carrier. But you can opt to unlock the phone with some help from your carrier.


How Do SIM Cards Work In Regards To CDMA And GSM:


GSM phones use SIM cards but CDMA phones do not use them. If you’re on one of the CDMA networks such as Sprint or Verizon, there’s a good chance that your phone may use a SIM card.


However, the identification information that I mentioned earlier, are not stored on the SIM cards of CDMA carriers.


For example, if you have a broken Samsung Galaxy phone on the Verizon network you cannot put the SIM card into a new Verizon Samsung Galaxy phone and start using it.


Before you can use the new phone you will have to activate it phone from your Verizon account.


The SIM cards that are used with CDMA phones are required because it’s necessary for the LTE standard. Or because the SIM card slot is compatible with foreign GSM networks.


Nevertheless, SIM cards on GSM phones are interchangeable with other GSM phones.


As a result of this, you can take the SIM card from your GSM phone and put it into another GSM phone while continuing to use your existing phone number and data.


You can do this without getting the approval of the carrier like you would have to do if you were using Sprint or Verizon.


Many of the CDMA phones today use a Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM). This is a card that looks very similar to a SIM card which will work in most GSM phones.


Getting A SIM Card:


Getting A SIM Card
SIM Card Starter Kit

You can get a new or replacement SIM card for your phone from the carrier you’re subscribed to. For example, if you’re subscribed to Verizon and you need a Verizon SIM card for a Verizon phone.


You can ask for a SIM card in a Verizon store or you can do it online.


Inserting And Removing A SIM Card:


Inserting And Removing A SIM Card
Removing A SIM Card

To insert or replace a SIM card will vary depending on your phone. In some phones, the SIM cards are located on the side edge of the phone.


In these cases, it can be easily accessed by pressing the button on the side edge of the phone which opens the SIM card tray and gives you access to it.


However, there are other phones which have their SIM cards stored behind the battery, these SIM cards are only accessible via the back panel of the phone.


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