What Is A Burner Phone And Why People Use Them?


A burner phone is a low budget cell phone which was designed for temporary use.

What Is A Burner Phone


After the phone has been used it may be disposed of, burner phones do not have contracts and they are sold with prepaid minutes.

Why Do People Use Burner Phones?


Many people use burner phones because they are more secure and they provide a level of security that you cannot get with a regular phone.


Burner phones are extremely cheap and they are not registered to any user. This makes it very difficult to trace a person who uses one of these phones.


When you call someone using a burner phone it’s very difficult for the cell phone carrier to determine where you were at the time the call was placed.


The cell phone carrier will have call logs which will show the numbers that you called and the cell tower in which the calls were connected to.


However, the content of the calls and the person who used the burner phone to make the calls are not on record.


Burner phones appeal to criminals due to the high level of security that they provide.


Most of the people who use burner phones are people who have extreme needs for privacy.


Are Burner Phones Traceable?


Even though burner phones provide more privacy than other phones, they can be legally traced. However, it’s just more difficult to do it.


Burner phones do not have the ability to share your personal information because it doesn’t collect it from its users, unless they voluntarily submit it.


Never the less, all cell phones can be traced while they are being used. But you can discard the phone at any time.


This is what makes it difficult for law enforcement officers to track these phones.


If you’re constantly changing phones and you’re making cash-only transactions, it will be extremely difficult to be traced.


Now You Know What Is A Burner Phone:


Now you know what is a burner phone and why people use it. So if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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