What Is A Bezel On A Phone?


You’ve probably heard the term bezel before but do you actually know what it means. I will explain what is a bezel on a phone and I will tell you everything you need to know about it.


What Is A Bezel On A Phone?

What Is A Bezel On A Phone?


A bezel on a phone is the frame around the display screen. This means that it’s everything on the front of the phone that isn’t the display screen.


Thin Bezels On Phones Have Become Very Popular:


What Is A Bezel On A Phone?

The size of the bezel plays a huge role when it comes to the look and feel of a phone. When smartphones were first released, the bezels were thicker than they are today.


Within the past few years, our phones have been getting bigger and the bezels have been getting thinner. You’re probably wondering what’s the main reason for this?


Well, it all has to do with the size of the display screen. If you take a look at some of the big phones (phablets) that are currently on the market.


You will notice that they are bigger in comparison to the first generation of smartphones that we had.


The main reason for this is that phablets have become extremely popular among avid smartphone users.


Smartphone manufacturers who make phablets aim to make them as big as possible without being too difficult for the user to carry them around. These phones have to be able to fit comfortably into your pockets as well as your hands.


To increase the size of the display screen without making the phone so big that it can’t fit into your pocket, the bezel must be thinner, that’s the only way. These phones have been known as bezel-less phones.


The term bezel-less does not refer to a phone with no bezel, it means that there is less bezel.


All phones must have bezels because they are necessary to maintain the structural integrity and they house the front-facing speaker and the camera.


Why Are Bezel-Less Phones So Popular?


Bezel-less phones are popular because they have bigger display screens. A bezel-less phone gives smartphone manufacturers the ability to fit bigger display screens into their phones.

What Is A Bezel On A Phone


If you take a look at the photo above you will notice that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a thick bezel above and below the display screen.


While The Samsung Galaxy S10 is bezel-less, the selfie camera that is housed in the bezel above the display screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge has been embedded into the display screen on the Galaxy S10.


Likewise, the home button that’s located in the bezel below the display screen on the Galaxy S7 Edge, has been embedded into the display screen on the Galaxy S10.


Thus the reason why the Galaxy S10 has a significantly smaller bezel in comparison to that of its predecessor the Galaxy S7 Edge.


Phones With Bezel-Less Screens Can Be Difficult To Use:


Having a phone with a bigger display can provide a better user experience when you’re watching videos/movies or playing video games.


However, it can be a little difficult to handle these phones sometimes because they have taller and wider display screens.


This means that your fingers have to move a bit further to reach all the buttons on the display screen, this is most noticeable when using the phone with one hand.


The majority of bezel-less phones that are currently on the market are slightly wider than that of their predecessors but they’re noticeably taller.


The first generation of smartphones may not be as attractive as the smartphones that we have today. However, they were definitely easier to handle.


What Are Some Disadvantages Of A Bezel-Less Screen?


What Is A Bezel On A Phone?

Bezel-less phones have less space on the sides of the phone for you to hold it. This causes false touch/ghost touch, this refers to accidentally touching a button on the screen while you’re handling the phone.


This can be a little annoying when you’re trying to do something important, this is normally an issue when someone is new to using this type of phone.


False touches will happen less often as the person becomes more comfortable using the phone.


Many people like using phone cases with their phones to protect them in case of an accidental drop, especially if it’s an expensive phone.


However, when you put a phone case on a bezel-less phone it loses its aura of attractiveness that attracted you to the phone in the first place.


Now You Know What Is A Bezel On A Phone:


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