What Happens When You Restart Your Phone? How Often Should You Do It?


Have you ever thought about what actually happens when you restart your phone? Would you like to know whether it’s good or bad for your phone? I will answer those questions and more in this brief blog post.


What Happens When You Restart Your Phone?


Before we proceed you must know that restarting your phone does not damage it in any way. In many cases, it can be beneficial, now I will tell you what happens upon restarting your phone. The advice given here will apply to iPhones an Android phones.

What Happens When You Restart Your Phone?


When you restart your phone, if you were in the process of doing something it will be reset and all apps will be force closed.


For example, if you were writing a message/email and you restarted your phone before sending it, the message will be deleted.


All messages/emails that had been sent already, or any videos and photos that you had taken with your phone, will be saved. All the other apps and files will be exactly the way you left them.


Will Restarting My Phone Delete Everything?


Will Restarting My Phone Delete Everything?You will not lose any data as a result of restarting your phone. As I mentioned above, you will only lose something if you were in the middle of doing it and you restarted your phone before you finished.


For example, if you were trying to change the background photo on your phone and you restart the phone before finishing the process. All the progress you made will be lost when you phone restarts.


How Often Should You Restart Your Phone?


How Often Should You Restart Your Phone?

It’s good to restart your phone periodically because when you restart your phone, it gets a fresh start.


If your phone starts acting erratically and slowing down, sometimes these things can be fixed by restarting the phone.


Restarting your phone is very simple it will only take a few seconds to do it. The process of restarting a phone varies by the make and model of the phone.


There has been quite a bit of debate about how often you should restart your phone and guess what?


The experts have not been able to decide on a specific amount of time, there’s quite a bit of conflicting advice out there on this topic.


In many cases, if you leave your phone on too long it will slow down and this will negatively affect the overall performance of the phone.


However, if you restart your phone too often, it will drain your battery.


So I would suggest the following, keep your phone on until it starts to lag, then restart it.


In most cases, you should be able to keep your phone on for one to two weeks before it starts to lag. But this will vary depending on your usage.


If you are a heavy smartphone user you will use up your phone’s resources faster in comparison to a moderate smartphone user.


When you’ve used up most of your phone’s resources that’s when it will start to lag.


As I stated earlier, you cannot damage your phone by restarting it so you shouldn’t worry about restarting your phone too often.


Now You Know What Happens When Restarting Your Phone:


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