Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Is Back By Popular Demand


Some years have passed since Verizon stated that they would no longer offer unlimited data plans. However, things have changed, Verizon released a statement on Sunday saying that they will be bringing back the Verizon unlimited data plan.


Verizon Above Unlimited Plans


Verizon customers on smartphones and tablets will get unlimited data in addition to video streaming, hotspots and calls to Mexico and Canada.


The plan was launched on Monday, February 13, this plan costs $80 for unlimited data, calls, and texting or $45 per line for additional lines with the same features.


However, there’s a catch after 22 GB of data usage on any line Verizon may throttle your service.


Verizon also stated that they will maintain their existing data plans for customers who don’t want unlimited data.


The Verizon unlimited data plan will cost $80 per month if you sign up for Autopay. But if you don’t sign up for Autopay it will cost $85 per month.


This fee includes the $20 fee for adding a line, however, it doesn’t include your phone’s payment plan.


If you plan on paying monthly to buy a phone it will cost you more money. If you’re a loyal Verizon customer who has been waiting for a Verizon unlimited data plan, this is it.


In the past few years, Verizon has been getting stiff competition from T-Mobile. Thus the reason for the implementation of their new unlimited data plan.


How will the Verizon unlimited data plan stack up against the T-Mobile unlimited data plan? Please let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.



  1. Well I gotta say, you made me stay on this site reading for a very long time. I love it from the layout, colors, and of course the content! I am a Verizon customer and have been for a very longtime and your site is a whole lot easier to follow and much nicer. I was trying to find if they let you know yet that the note 7 is coming back? I was told that last night by one of their support team members. I have the note 5 and i love it. Lol I can’t believe i missed it? Right in front of my face. Just to let you know the note 5 does come in 64gb I have one. You might want to fix that. Well i just spent another 30 or 40 minutes reading up on the Note 7 and I loved it until you told me the price. Lol Well back to the realities that I am trying to proceed with. The content is well written and makes you want to keep reading. I am not that fond of reading, so you know you done well for me to read. Thanks for letting me make comments to your site. Donna

  2. Hi Marvin

    I have heard that Verizon has a very good reputation when it comes to their network services. However, 85$ is just way too steep, even for unlimited everything. They are basically charging twice as much as their competition.

    I guess there’s a market for it if they’ve decided to do it, I just know I won’t be jumping on that wagon any time soon.

  3. Verizon has to pay it’s execs multi-million dollar salaries, so it has to stick it to someone which ends up being the customer base that MADE THEM WHAT THEY ARE…. A MONOPOLY. I have a 4 line plan from verizon with very little data and it still cost me almost $300 a month. Sounds like it’s time to switch to Xfinity. Can you hear me now??


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