Verizon Now Has An Unlimited Data Plan Called PopData


Unlimited data plans have recently been re-introduced by a few of the wireless carriers in the industry. As a result of this Verizon was compelled to offer an unlimited plan as well. Verizon has recently introduced an unlimited data plan called the PopData plan, however, it’s only for an hour, that’s right an hourly unlimited plan.


Verizon Popdata


Verizon’s new data plan which was introduced last week allows customers to use an unlimited amount of high -speed 4G LTE data for 30 minutes for $2 or 60 minutes for $3. With this plan, the data that’s used during the PopData time will not count against a customer’s monthly data allowance.


This plan will work great for someone who wants to watch streaming video. For example, a live event for a specific amount of time.


The PopData plan can be accessed through Verizon’s app on Android phones, iPads, and iPhones. Verizon stated that the plan may not be available if the customer is in a location where Verizon’s network signal is overcrowded or weak.


Verizon PopData Is In Beta:


The PopData plan is currently in beta phase a Verizon spokeswoman made the following statement “The beta launch of PopData gives us an opportunity to learn more about how time-based data options resonate with our customers and how they engage with a digital-only experience through the My Verizon app.”


In the past few years, Verizon executives stated that they do not plan on adding a monthly unlimited plan. However, Sprint and T-Mobile have re-introduced their unlimited plans.


Verizon isn’t marketing the PopData plan as an alternative to the unlimited plans that are being offered by their competitors.


Instead, the main selling point for this plan is that it offers a better alternative to using public Wi-Fi hotspots. The new Verizon plan provides a more secure, faster connection than that of the Wi-Fi hotspots.



  1. I was wondering about Verizon wireless and when they were going to add a new data plan this is interesting that pop data has came on the scene I have always been a Verizon fan but lately I switch to T-Mobile because I was not able to have unlimited access to my data this is a wonderful addition and I’m sure Verizon will be better off for it

    • The pop data plan is great, Verizon really needed this because they have been losing customers to the competition. Hopefully this will help Verizon to retain more customers.

  2. very informative website i can tell you are a web designer by your pages being well put together. i was looking at the wireless plans and i didn’t know at&t had an unlimited plan now I’m think of changing plans. with so many cell phones on the rise i like how you keep the reviews up to date with the software and designs changing so frequently. i will be checking back on your site to keep up with some of your reviews.


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