Verizon Has A New Unlimited Phone Plan But It’s Not Unlimited


Verizon has a new unlimited plan called Above Unlimited. If you’re familiar with Verizon phone plans you will know that their unlimited plans are not actually unlimited.


New Verizon Plan


Now Verizon has three unlimited plans; the Go Unlimited plan and Beyond Unlimited plan and the Above Unlimited plan has just been added.


The Above Unlimited plan offers 75GB of unlimited data per month in comparison to the less expensive plans that offer 22GB of unlimited data.


With the new plan, you will also have 20GB of unlimited data when you use your phone as a hotspot, 500GB of Verizon cloud storage, and five monthly international Travel Passes.


The Travel Passes are daily vouchers which will allow you to use your phone’s wireless service abroad in the same way you would use it in the U.S.


Verizon has also updated the prices in the sliding pricing section on their website. These prices vary based on how many lines are on a phone bill. With the Above Unlimited plan, four lines will cost $60 per line, per month.


However, if you have the same service and you only want one line it will cost $95 per month. Verizon stated that families with multiple lines can mix and match plans instead of choosing the same plan for every line.


This is great because it will allow everyone on the plan to choose the best plan for themselves which will keep the cost a bit lower.


The Above Unlimited plan along with the new mix and match feature arrives on June 18.



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