Verizon Customers Complain About Being Overcharged


Over 4,000 people from around the U.S. told a Cleveland newspaper that they were significantly overcharged by Verizon for their data usage. However, Verizon will not fix this error, and they refuse to acknowledge that there is even a problem.


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There is obviously something wrong with the way that Verizon Wireless has been tracking the data usage of its customers.


An article that was recently written on (the website of The Plain Dealer) states that the thousands of people who are complaining claimed that they didn’t use any more data than usual but they are expected to pay more money, how unfair.


In many cases, the overage fees that Verizon charged has amounted to hundreds of dollars.


Data Usage Of Verizon Customers Skyrockets:


Here is a small sample of more than 4,000 complaints which was sent to The Plain Dealer:


  • “Ron Staso of Cleveland said his family’s use jumped from 30GB a month to almost 60GB, according to Verizon. Staso can’t figure out why. He just knows Verizon says he racked up over-limit fees of $1,600.”
  • “Cherish Raver of Cincinnati has watched her cellphone data usage skyrocket inexplicably, shooting from 4GB a month last year to 36GB now. That’s more than most people use in two years.”
  • “Chicago filmmaker Matthew Sanders for years used 6GB a month on average. He renewed his contract with Verizon Aug. 9 when he got a new internet hot spot. Three weeks later, Verizon said he’d used a whopping 38GB of data.”


There are many different ways that people may overuse data without realizing it.  For example when you have a faster connection you can download more data in less time.


However, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to download a file, it’s the size of the file that matters, the filesize counts against your data cap.


There are some new features such as Wi-Fi-assisted calling which will consume your data. There may be a possibility that some of the people who have seen their bill skyrocket had used their phones as hotspots.


You can exceed your data limit very quickly if you stream video while using your phone as a hotspot.


I’m not trying to make excuses for Verizon in any way whatsoever, I’m thinking hypothetically.


But needless to say, my explanations does not explain the thousands of complaints from the people who have been negatively affected by this, I definitely believe that there’s something wrong.


For many years Verizon has been considered by many to be the best cell phone service provider in the U.S.


Last year Verizon earned $131.6 billion in revenue, in my opinion, it would be best for Verizon to acknowledge that there’s a problem and assure the general public that they are going to fix it asap.


Verizon may be the best, but if they are not doing their best to keep the goodwill of their customers, many of these customers will go elsewhere if they feel as though they have been treated unfairly by Verizon.



  1. It’s not just Verizon I know the company I worked for, Rogers also had a massive business admin error that led to millions of people being overcharged.I think in that case they actually refunded people in that case.

    Not surprised by this though. Pretty sure some of the people there have kids that overused data to a crazy amount. But it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Verizon is just trying to bilk customers out of a few more dollars.

  2. I think it’s great that you are bringing attention to this problem. Verizon is a large company and may think that they can get away with overcharging their customers. However, consumers need to realize that they hold the power. Take your business elsewhere if you aren’t being treated with respect. It’s not acceptable for them to either pretend that nothing is happening or play innocent that they don’t know why it’s happening. As you’ve mentioned, they generate enough revenue to fix these issues. Thanks for sharing this!

    • I agree with you and I think if the majority of their customers took their business elsewhere Verizon would definitely do something about this.


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