Verizon Is Adding Two New Prepaid Data Plans – 5 GB…


Verizon will be adding two new prepaid data plans in an attempt to entice customers. This announcement came roughly one month after the introduction of the Verizon PopData plan. With this plan, the user is charged for one hour or half an hour of unlimited data usage.


Verizon Data Plan


The two new prepaid data plans that are being offered will give the user 5 GB of data for $50 per month, or 10 GB of data for $70 per month.


Verizon’s New Prepaid Data Plans Will Launch Soon:


Verizon stated that the new prepaid data plans will launch on November 13. The 5 GB data plan will come with unlimited calls and messaging in the US.


This plan will also include carryover data with on-time payment, mobile hotspot, Verizon’s always-on data, and international messaging to more than 200 countries.


People who choose the 10 GB data plan will have all the features included in the lower tier plan but they will also have unlimited calls to Canada or Mexico.


The 10 GB data plan will probably be the more popular plan because it offers twice the amount of data for only $20 more than the 5 GB data plan.


The new prepaid data plans have been added as an alternative to the existing prepaid plans. The existing prepaid plans offer 3 GB of data for $45 per month and 6 GB of data for $60 per month. These plans come with a Wi-Fi only option and AutoPay for $30 per month.


To sweeten the deal with the new data plans, Verizon has added an attractive list of smartphones for users to choose from. The list of phones include the latest iPhones, Samsung Phones, Google Phones and more.


It’s Time For An Unlimited Data Plan:


Verizon continues to expand their prepaid data plans, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there is still no unlimited data plan, this is something that many Verizon customers have been longing for.


At one time Verizon claimed to have an unlimited plan. However, the plan wasn’t really unlimited because the data cap was set at 100 GB.


When the data was exceeded Verizon would threaten to make the person pay $450 if they continue to exceed their data. When will Verizon add an affordable unlimited plan that their users will truly appreciate?



  1. Marvin,

    I miss the old grandfathered unlimited plans. I use to have one and then I updated to one of the newer family account. Even they advertise the account as unlimited I think it was still capped. When will this madness stop?

    However, I do like Verizon’s attempt to make all well in the world. Another thing I would like to ask why is the FIOS cheaper that the proposed unlimited plans.

  2. This is great news. more data=more fun! With HD streaming available today, it’s great that we can get bigger data plans from the providers. 10GB sounds like a lot of fun, I hope it doesn’t get too expensive though…

    Another thing I’m concerned with is the speed and capping of this plan. I know this is just news, and nothing is final until it’s released, but does anyone else have the same concerns?

    • It’s always good to have more choices, I’m assume that you will have sufficient speed because Verizon is known for that. However, I’m not sure what will happen if you exceed you data.


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