Using A VPN Instead Of The Best Antivirus For iPhone: Why Do That?


iPhones are far better fortified against viruses and malware than any other device. It might be that it has made you think not to use an antivirus on your iPhone.


Using A VPN


On the contrary, as you won’t want your identity to fall prey to hackers, the best VPN on iPhone lets you browse the internet securely and anonymously.


Thinking about the above, a question that keeps perturbing the iPhone users is: Do they need the best antivirus for iPhone or the best iPhone VPN offered by the best VPN providers?


The nature of phishing or privacy breaching activities is changing, and those conventional perimeter defenses didn’t remain similarly effective as before.


A VPN on a PC helps keep your internet activity safeguarded from malicious hackers and snoopers. But what about iPhones? 


Are you wondering what is a VPN on an iPhone? Does a free VPN for iPhone protect your iPhone from getting infected with viruses?


In this article, I will thoroughly explain why antivirus and VPNs are necessary on your iPhone.

iOS Restricts Antiviruses and Expels Antivirus Apps Often:


iOS Restricts Antiviruses


Before choosing the best antivirus for your iPhone, it’s necessary to know how those programs operate on other operating systems (OS).


Antivirus programs require adding hooks into the OS and building potential vulnerabilities to work seamlessly. These hooks offer very profound access to the monitors and identify the malware.


The above can lead to various situations where this antivirus software can become the center of the attack.


But your iOS never allows latching hooks into that system. All thanks to its design, which isolates the apps from the entire system. It is considered “Sandboxing.”


iPhone OS can impede malicious software prior to it ever acquiring a foothold. Android can sandbox apps too but provides more leeway to the OS in comparison to iPhone with iOS. This is the main reason why Android requires the best antivirus. 


Due to its architecture and standards, Apple has pulled various antivirus apps from its App Store in 2015. As per experts, you do not need an antivirus on the iPhone at all.


If you have jailbrooken your iPhone to use an unsupported antivirus, it has the potential to cause huge data loss and other problems.


It’s best to use a supported, paid, and reliable tool with a good reputation in the market or go with a VPN that does much more than saving you from viruses.


The Importance Of Using A VPN For Your iPhone:


Though the iPhone is eminent for its robust security, safety can be compromised despite its strict security measures! Therefore, a hassle-free way to boost safety on your iPhone is by installing the best VPN for iPhones.


As per the study on VPN usage on iPhones, approx 30% of people use VPNs for personal resons, 24% use them for business purposes, 15% uses them for business and personal resons, and 32% of the people are still not using an iPhone VPN. Altogether, 52% of iPhone users are now using VPNs for different purposes.


Some of the greatest advantages of using a VPN on an iPhone are listed below:


1. To Bypass Geo-Restrictions


When you use a VPN on an iPhone you can easily eliminate any geo-restrictions and steadily watch any country’s content from your home country. It can mask your area and let you pick out your favorite shows.


2. Secure Public Wi-Fi Access


If you understand the importance of a VPN on an iPhone and how it works, you will know that it is a bad idea to connect to public Wi-Fi.


Approximately 40% of iPhone users use VPNs for some privacy reasons and to access public Wi-Fi to reduce risks.


3. Enhanced Data Security


When you are worried about how to use a VPN on an iPhone to keep your data secure, let me tell you that an iPhone VPN aims to shield your identity and data online.


It provides additional data security by encrypting your data, hiding your iPhone’s IP address, and making you an anonymous user. As a result of this, it’s more important than any other security tool.


4. Better Online Gaming


The best iPhone VPN can provide a superior gaming experience! While playing online battles, timing is the key, a slight latency can allow another player win.


Similarly, when facing lag over your network, a VPN iPhone can minimize the ping lag to give you a more fantastic gaming experience.


5. Affordable Deals With iPhone VPN


While using a VPN on iPhone, you can ensure that the costs you see on any webpage are authentic.


This happens due to the fact that an iPhone VPN conceals your identity and does not share your data related to previous shopping or other site visits. It also lets you shop from sites that do not operate in your region.




iPhones are robust devices jam-packed with outstanding features. After a VPN is installed on your device, you can enjoy unrestricted access.


Now you know why it’s important to use a VPN on your on your iPhone. If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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