Top 7 Reasons You Should Buy An iPhone


In 2007, Apple broke the mold of phone design and redefined an entire era by releasing its flagship device, the iPhone.


Since then we’ve seen a never-ending parade of updates and improvements that have seen the iPhone become a cultural phenomenon. But if that’s not enough to convince you, here are 7 more reasons why you should buy an iPhone.


Top 7 Reasons You Should Buy An iPhone

1. They Just Work


Apple’s appeal has always been elegance and simplicity. Pick up any iPhone and within moments you’re ready to go.


No need for complicated settings or spending hours on setup. If you buy from an Apple store, you can literally leave the building with a functioning device in less than an hour.


That simplicity makes an iPhone a great choice for the less technically adept, as well as people who just want something that works out of the box.


2. Integration


Any Apple user will tell you that they nail the integration experience. Your iPhone can link up perfectly to your mac and your Apple Watch with no complicated pairing sequences to worry about.


Compared to other phones using 3rd party peripherals, it’s easy to see why the ease of integration can be a great benefit to getting an iPhone. Especially if you’re already a Mac user or are considering a transition.


An iPhone


3. Security


The iPhone is notoriously secure, with Apple regularly standing off against massive government agencies to defend their customer’s privacy.


For the average user, this means that as long as you make use of Apple’s built-in security features such as Find My iPhone and their 2-Factor Verification, you can count on your data being safe from prying eyes.


Of course, you should still make sure to use secure passwords, as history has shown that even the most secure of systems can be beaten if a simple password is used.


4. Built-In Backups


When you set up your iPhone for the first time, you also set up an Apple ID which gives you access to Apple’s world-famous iCloud backup system with a generous free allowance of 5GB.


You can set your phone to automatically back up photos and messages to the cloud, so if you ever damage or lose your phone you never need to worry about your precious data getting lost.


Of course, if 5GB isn’t enough you can always upgrade your iCloud subscription for a low fee to get as much storage as you need.


This is another example of how Apple’s simplicity just works, the built-in integration for iCloud with the iPhone means you don’t need to worry about clunky 3rd party services like Dropbox or Google Drive for data storage.


5. There’s So Much Choice


When you’re buying an iPhone, there are very few limitations, you can choose whatever network tariff and phone model you want and everything is customizable down to the smallest details so you can always get the phone that best suits you.


When you’re looking for an iPhone, you can check a whole host of retailers such as Apple’s online store, individual network sites, or phone retailers like to find the best possible deals.


6. Value


It seems strange to talk about value when discussing the virtues of a phone that can easily cost more than $1000 when bought with all the top specifications, but surprisingly there can be a lot of value to be found in an iPhone.


Most notably in the value retention.


Unlike other smartphones that depreciate in value rapidly, iPhones are so synonymous with modern culture that they retain their value much better.


It’s not uncommon to see secondhand iPhones selling for close to full retail price when in good condition. This means that when you buy an iPhone you can rest assured that it’s a safe investment if you ever change your mind.


7. The Best Support


So you’ve bought a phone, and something has gone wrong?


The best iPhone support

It’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in, maybe it’s frozen on a menu screen, or a button has stopped working, or perhaps it’s burst into flames (looking at you Samsung!)


Whatever has gone wrong with your phone, you need to fix it, and you need to fix it fast.


This is Apple’s greatest advantage, by being the largest most consistent OS for smartphones they have built up a huge network of incredibly knowledgeable people who have probably had the exact same problem as you and know exactly how to fix it.


Of course, if the online hivemind doesn’t work, you can always rely on Apple’s own inhouse care team, who have experienced every possible problem the iPhone could throw at them.


Comparing this to the experience of trying to fix a phone by a smaller developer using a less popular platform, you frequently come across the issue of only finding one relevant post with no real solution that you can only half follow.


Of course, I haven’t even touched on the huge choice of Apps or the benefits of owning one of the most popular devices on the planet, but when it comes to peace of mind and simplicity there really is no other choice other than an iPhone.



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