Neat Tips For New iPhone Users


The popularity of iPhones cannot be denied. According to Statista, there are more than 100 million iPhone users in the United States alone. And when you take the rest of the world into the equation, the number of active users is close to one billion.

Tips For New iPhones

It is no surprise that more and more people are picking iOS. For some, an iPhone can be their first smartphone.


While figuring out how to use it should not be a problem in most cases, it does not mean that every single aspect is simple to crack.


A learning curve for an iPhone exists as well, and you can benefit a lot by taking a proactive approach. Follow these tips, and you will become much better at using your iPhone.

Tip #1 – Charge Faster


New iPhone Users

There are a few things that will make your smartphone charge faster. Finding an available electric socket should not be an issue.


In fact, there are other sources you can use, such as a Macbook, though the computer itself might have some performance problems while the iPhone is plugged in.


It is known that smartphones charge faster when they are turned off, and iPhones are no exception. Switching to airplane mode is also a good piece of advice, and you should if you want to charge the iPhone while you’re still using it.


Disabling resource-hungry sources, such as background applications, helps as well. Finally, you can enable energy saver and reduce the screen brightness so that the iPhone has to dedicate fewer resources.


Tip #2 – Speed Up Performance


Improve iPhone Security

An iPhone that has been active for a while is bound to start underperforming. You should power off the device completely as it clears the memory. Switch it back on, and you will notice improvements.


Lack of storage is also an issue. Applications create caches and other temporary junk. You need to clear this junk regularly. Deleting useless applications and other files will also free up the storage.


Finally, update the iOS. Each new version of the operating system introduces performance improvements. Even if some updates take time to finish downloading and installing, you should prioritize them.


Tip #3 – Try Dark Mode


Some people cannot imagine using a device that lacks dark mode. Thankfully, the most recent iOS has a feature that enables system-wide dark mode.


Every application will be more accessible when you want to read or watch something when it’s dark. After all, one should not underestimate the importance of taking proper care of their sight.


Tip #4 – Improve Security


Do not make a mistake by thinking that iPhones are not prone to cybersecurity threats. They are just like computers, and you can easily expose personal information.


Take the necessary measures. Create a six-digit passcode or set the smartphone so that you can only unlock it via your finger or face ID.


If you have to use public Wi-Fi, a virtual private network will prevent potential attacks. While a public internet connection is free and seems like an attractive opportunity, it also invites more hackers that could be targeting unsuspecting people.


Tip #5 – Make iPhone Kid-Friendly


You can create certain restrictions, so there is no need to worry about your kids accessing content they should not. Parental controls can be set by going to Settings, clicking on Generals, and selecting Restrictions.


Parents can limit access to app purchases, block access to addictive and other apps that could cause problems, and set an age range that disables access to specific content as well. Future versions of iOS will introduce even more parental control features.


Tip #6 – Buy AirPods


There have been mixed reviews on AirPods. Nevertheless, it seems that the accessory continues to grow in popularity, and why should it not? In addition to offering great sound quality, comfort, and zero wires, AirPods can also become a hearing aid.


Access Customize Controls via Control Center and tap on the Hearing section to add it to the Control Center. You can now pick Hearing and magnify the voice volume through the AirPods.


Tip #7 – Use Siri


Siri is an AI assistant that continues to receive new features and updates with the most recent iOS versions. You can ask Siri to find music by lyrics, do maths, perform Google search, answer questions, tell weather forecasts, and do other neat things.


There is also an option to change Siri’s accent if you dislike the default version. It might take some time to get acquainted with Siri, but this AI assistant can help you quite a lot once you are comfortable using it.


Tip #8 – Measure Objects


iOS 12 introduced a Measure application. It might seem like a gimmick to some, but the application can come in handy when you need to measure something, and there is no ruler or any other tool nearby.


This concludes my list of tips, if you have any comments or questions about any of these tips, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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