10 Tips For Fun Phone Gaming At Home


Have you just recently discovered mobile gaming? Welcome to the club! If you’re trying to improve your phone gaming experience at home, these tips are definitely going to be a literal game-changer for you. 

Tips For Fun Phone Gaming At Home

1) Fix Your Internet 


Your gaming experience directly reflects how good your connection is. You simply cannot enjoy any game with lagging or dropping internet.


If you have money to spare, try to upgrade your router. If the one you’re using is provided by your ISP, there’s a good chance it isn’t as high-quality as you’d hope.


Make sure to connect to the 5GHz signal, which is shorter in range but provides more bandwidth than the standard 2.4Hz.


2) Extend Your Wi-Fi Coverage


Don’t you feel as though the internet does not reach certain parts of your home sometimes? Well, this might actually be true and not just you going paranoid.


For dead zones (that’s what those areas are called), you have an option of installing a Wi-Fi extender or Powerline networking kits to expand the coverage of your Wi-Fi connection. 


3) Always Use DND Mode


If you’re using Android, check the “DND” (Do not disturb) mode, which blocks notifications, turns off auto-brightness, and mutes incoming messages while you’re playing games.


By blocking or muting these functions, the RAM is boosted and you’re able to maximize your gaming experience without any phone-related distractions.


Some phones even allow you to prioritize functions, or control how you like to block, mute, or handle certain apps or features. For example, you can set up the phone to only answer calls hands-off via loudspeaker.


4) Check If Resources Are Wasted By Other Apps


Many apps run in the background and eat up resources. Not all of these apps are NEEDED to run the phone properly. If you feel that your mobile games are slowing down, it may be possible that other apps are competing resources. 


In addition, games like Battleground and Fortnite that are high graphic intensive require much more resources for the game to run smoothly. 


Stopping some of the unnecessary apps from running in the background could potentially help ease the lag.


5) Customize Controls On Settings Or Invest In A Proper Controller


Some mobile games allow you to customize your controls, so if you “move” better with a minimalist layout, then you can switch it up to your liking.


If customizing controls isn’t possible, your next best option is to invest in a good game controller, so it can be used on ALL games.  


6) Improve Your Sound


Sometimes, it isn’t your internet connection or graphics that are lacking. If you feel like there’s something missing with your gaming, it could probably be a good set of headphones or speakers.


When game developers created that game you’re playing, they thought about every bit of sound from the softest footsteps to the chirping of birds and everything in between.


If you can’t hear these tiny details, it’s going to be such a disservice for you and the game developer. 


7) Play On A Larger Screen


Play On A Larger Screen


You have two options here. 

  • Screen mirroring – Will work if you have a smart TV and if your phone supports mirroring. 
  • Portable monitors – You can connect your phone via USB cable and upscale your phone’s display to the monitor.


Either way, using external displays offer a more visually pleasing experience for any mobile gamer used to tiny screens.


8) Connect with your friends


Mobile gaming can be double the fun if you’re playing with friends and family members. One popular app used for chatting is Discord since it can spy on your connections and tell you which games they’re currently playing, and inform them what you’re currently obsessed with in real-time.


9) Check For Developer Options


Many mobile gamers don’t know this, but developer options exist on some games that allow you to control certain settings related to phone resources. All these options would eventually improve the quality of the graphics.


10) Prepare Your Powerbank


Mobile games are battery-intensive, so expect your phone to drain its power quicker than it normally would. 


Yes, you’re just playing your games at home and you can easily plug your phone into the charger while playing (however, I don’t recommend this, okay?).


But what will you do if there’s a sudden power outage? A true gamer would have their battery pack or power bank fully charged at all times for situations like these. 


Of course if you’ve got the money to spare, you can always buy a new smartphone built specifically for intense gaming.


However, there’s no guarantee that it could solve everything, especially if your issue is internet-related, but buying the newest gaming phone does check a lot of boxes.


The following tips could make or break your mobile gaming experience. Some tweaks in phone settings here, an accessory addition there, and you’ll be able to enjoy your game as intended by the developers.


If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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