The First 5G Smartphone Will Be Released In 2019, And Samsung…


Some markets already have 5G networks in place. But those networks are very small and to make use of that 5G network, you must have a specific device. One that is compatible with 5G.

The First 5G Smartphone

In 2019 that is going to change because we will have wider 5G coverage and the first smartphone to have 5G onboard.


This change will come in the first quarter of 2019. Last Monday, Verizon and Samsung partnered to announce the release of their first 5G smartphone.


They didn’t provide any details about the specific device but some are speculating that it will be from their Galaxy S line of devices as they are usually released around that time.


It’s important to keep in mind that while there are prototype phones there is no mass produced smartphone on the market yet that supports 5G and none that have been announced.


Between now and when Samsung releases their device, that might change. The specific wording in the partnered announcement stated that Samsung would be among the first, not the first.


However, with the current announcements, they are slated to be the first.


5G is expected to be a very popular network standard. Other smartphone manufacturers won’t be far behind Samsung to start selling 5G compatible smartphones.


It may be a while before we see the mass production of 5G phones because the network still doesn’t exist for widespread use.


As of right now, Verizon only covers a very small percentage of cities with 5G networks and there are no announced plans on expansion.


However, it is expected that expansion will start in earnest now that they have announced the first compatible cell phones.


One thing to note is that Verizon has the biggest existing 5G network and the rest of the service providers are far behind, the closest competitor is AT&T which only has coverage in 7 cities.


If the coverage does not improve by the release of Samsung’s 5G smartphone, the 5G sticker won’t make much of a difference to the average consumer because the majority of consumers won’t be able to use the network.


In lab testing of 5G networks, the speeds are about 100 times faster than that of our existing 4G network.


However, when you take those speeds into the real world and you consider how many users will be accessing the network.


You will not have speeds 100 times faster when you access the 5G network. What you can actually expect to see is speeds around 10 times faster.


Stronger signals and lower latency will make network communication on 5G networks near instantaneous. Even when you have multiple requests being sent from the same device.


That is remarkable speeds for anyone, smartphone users included.


However, many have speculated that this news will be even better for those that use 5G networks for their home and/or work internet.


In many cities, the only options you have for the internet are the ones that are currently set up to service the city. They have the customer base to maintain control of the city, leaving consumers with very few choices.


However, 5G changes the game because it allows providers such as Verizon to give internet to customers wirelessly, no need to install fancy technology.


It is believed that the reduced latency with 5G networks can help to significantly improve networks. For example, medical robots will be able to operate almost instantly. Telemedicine will have the same results as well.


All of this, of course, relies on the efforts of the cell phone service providers increasing their 5G coverage. A lack of coverage may result in weak signals, even in major metropolitan areas.


To get the coverage needed, billions of dollars must be spent on upgrading the existing networks.


Lots of work has to be done before the release in the first quarter of 2019. That being said, cell phone service providers have a track record of delivering their new networks on time.


The release of the first 5G smartphone will be a huge step forward for the smartphone industry.



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