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The Best iPhone Models For 2018 Best iPhone To Buy

Are you looking for the best iPhone models for 2018? Apple has made quite a few different iPhones since the original iPhone was released in 2007.


This makes it somewhat difficult to choose one. With the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X last year we have even more choices to choose from.


The Best iPhone Models:


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Best iPhone To Buy:


If you’re having a hard time deciding which would be best for you, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I will list my top 2 iPhones based on the design, features, functionalities, overall performance, and price.


iPhone X


iPhone X - The best iPhone


If you’re looking for the best iPhone you can get with the latest features and functionalities. You should consider getting the iPhone X. Apple made a huge gamble when they decided to drastically change the design of this phone.


However, this was necessary because many iPhone users felt cheated. If you compare the various models of iPhones that were released from the iPhone 6 right through until the release of the iPhone 8. You will notice that these phones are very similar.


There were some upgrades with the release of every phone from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 8 but they were minor upgrades. Many iPhone users were expecting a bit more innovation from one model to the next.


This prompted Apple to create the iPhone X, this is a sleek attractive phone with lots of new features. The camera and the display screen are amazing. The fingerprint sensor and the home button have been removed, these are a few things that may annoy people.


However, they have been replaced by Apple’s Face ID unlocking system and Apple’s navigation gestures system.


This is a great phone but it’s a bit expensive. If you don’t mind paying the hefty price tag then you should read my full in-depth review of the iPhone X to determine whether or not this phone is right for you.


The newest iPhone with the latest features and functionalities may not be the best fit for everyone. So if you feel as though the iPhone X has much more features than you need or it’s too expensive. You should consider getting a different iPhone.


iPhone 8


iPhone 8


The general public was not as excited about the arrival of the iPhone 8 as they were with the arrival of the previous iPhones. This occurred because the arrival of the iPhone 8 was overshadowed by the arrival of the iPhone X. Apple spent quite a few months promoting and hyping the iPhone X while referring to it as the future of smartphones.


I think this may have been a mistake on Apple’s part, while the iPhone X may be the future of smartphones it may not appeal to all iPhone users. The design of the iPhone 8 is very similar to that of its predecessors, however, it’s still a viable choice if you’re thinking about buying a new iPhone.


The iPhone 8 has a great camera, it has wireless charging capabilities, and it has an IP67 certification. This means that it’s water and dust resistant so it can be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without having any negative effects on the phone.


The display screen on the iPhone 8 is a 4.7in display screen which has a resolution of 1,334×750. This is similar to its predecessors and it’s smaller than the display screen that you will find on most of the flagship phones that are currently on the market.


However, the picture quality on this display screen is good, the colors are rich and vivid. The iPhone 8 has one of the most attractive display screens on the market this is due to Apple’s True Tone technology.


This is a new feature that has been added to the iPhone 8. This feature allows the display screen to choose the exact percentage and intensity of white light that’s needed when the display screen is in use.


The iPhone 8 comes equipped with the A11 Bionic processor along with 2GB of RAM. As a result of this, the phone is extremely fast and responsive, this is a very efficient phone. Read my full in-depth review of the iPhone 8 to determine whether or not you think this phone is right for you.


Things To Consider When Trying To Find The Best iPhone Model For You:


Newer isn’t necessarily better, you should have an idea of the types of features and functionalities that you need on an iPhone before starting your search.


If you spend lots of time on your phone and you really enjoy using all the different features and functionalities that it has. You should consider getting the best iPhone on the market.


However, if you plan on using the phone primarily for talking, texting, and surfing the internet. Then it makes no sense to buy the latest iPhone because it’s expensive and you may never use the majority of features that it possesses. I hope you can use this as a guide to help you to find the best iPhone to suit your needs.


Please come back and check this page regularly because I will be updating it in the near future upon the arrival of new iPhones.