Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors 2020 The Jitterbug Phone Plans


The best cell phone plans for seniors 2020 are the Jitterbug phone plans from GreatCall. The Jitterbug phone plans start at just $14.99 per month. These are some of the cheapest senior cell phone plans on the market.


These plans are dependable and affordable and you can get on one of these plans for less than a cup of coffee a day.

Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors Are Flexible:


Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors


Jitterbug Phone Plans Offers The Following Perks:


  • No contracts.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • No U.S. long-distance fees.
  • Carryover unused minutes for up to 60 days.


The Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors:


Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Jitterbug has a reputation for providing great customer service to its members, Jitterbug has a staff of U.S. based operators and customer service representatives who are available to help you with anything that you may need.


Whether you’re having a hard time using your phone, or you need to make some changes to your account they will be more than happy to assist you.


Along with the great phone service, you will also get free services like MyCalendar and phonebook to help you stay organized on a daily basis.


Text And Talk Plans:





200 Min


600 Min


1500 Min


3000 Min


Unlimited Talk / Text



Senior Cell Phone Plans You Can Count On:


Jitterbug has a staff of 5Star medical and safety experts when you need them. If you’re experiencing a medical problem and you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings.


Or if you need someone to stay on the phone with you while you walk to your car at night, 5Star can assist you. The staff of highly skilled 5Star agents are available 24 hours a day.


If an emergency occurs the 5Star agents will be aided by the secure information you provided in your 5Star personal emergency profile.


The agent will be able to determine the severity of your situation, and they will ensure that you get the medical assistance that you need.


If you’re not feeling well and you need to go to the hospital the 5Star agent can call 911 on your behalf. This service is backed by a nationwide coverage area, choose the best plan for you from the choices below.


Basic Health And Safety Plans:





50 Min


600 Min


1000 Min


2000 Min


Unlimited Min



Cheap Cell Phone Plans For Seniors:


When signing up for these plans you will be charged for the following:


  • $99 for the phone.
  • A one-time activation fee of $35.
  • $10 for shipping and handling.


If you’re unhappy with these plans for any reason you should take a look at the Verizon senior plans.


Where To Buy A Jitterbug Phone?


If you would like to buy a Jitterbug flip phone or a Jitterbug smart, you can buy it directly from GreatCall. But if you decide that you don’t want to buy it from GreatCall you can buy it on


However, you should know that Jitterbug phones will only work on the GreatCall network or the Verizon network.


Please feel free to share your personal experiences with me about the Jitterbug phone plans from GreatCall in the comment section below.



  1. The mobile phone looks very good for the seniors because is so simple to use. No too much buttons at least ;).

    If someone buys those plans will he/she get also the mobile phone in the same price or not?

    If not, the prices are quite high if I compare to Finland but I think that mobile phone calls and connections are very cheap in Finland compared to many other countries.

    • Hello Roope, if someone decides to get a certain plan they will have to purchase the phone of their choice to go with the plan, that’s a separate cost. You said the prices are high compared to the prices in Finland. Well I guess the prices must be really low in Finland because T-Mobile is one of the cheaper services here in the U.S. the prices for Verizon, Sprint, & AT&T are higher than that of T-Mobile.


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