T-Mobile Senior Plans – Magenta 55 Plus Plans


If you’re a senior who would like to save some money on your cell phone bill you should consider the T-Mobile senior plans, you must be 55 years or older to qualify for these plans.


T-Mobile Senior Plans

What Do The T-Mobile Senior Plans Offer?


These are cell phone plans for new customers who are 55 years or older. Seniors who sign up for the senior plans will save some money in comparison to signing up for one of the other T-Mobile plans.


Here Are The Plans:


Senior Plan Essentials Unlimited 55 Magenta Unlimited 55 T-Mobile Essentials T-Mobile Magenta
1 Line $40 per month $50 per month $60 per month $70 per month
2 Lines $55 per month $70 per month $90 per month $120 per month
International Features Texting Only 2G Data speeds & texting Texting 2G Data speeds & texting
Canada/Mexico Data Unlimited 2G speeds 5GB of LTE data Unlimited 2G speeds 5GB of LTE data
Hotspot Data Unlimited 3G speeds 3GB of LTE data Unlimited 3G speeds 3GB of LTE data
Are Taxes & Fees Included? No Yes No Yes


Why Should You Choose One Of These Plans?


T-Mobile Senior Plans


T-Mobile has been offering a senior plan for a few years now. This plan gave seniors a discount on two lines of unlimited data, which is the same as T-Mobile’s standard unlimited plan.


At the moment this plan is called the T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55 plan. This plan offers two lines of unlimited data for $70 per month to anyone 55 years of age and older.


T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited 55 plan offers many of the benefits from T-Mobile’s regular Magenta plan.


One line on the Magenta Unlimited plan costs $70, however, T-Mobile is offering the Essentials Unlimited plan as an alternative to the Magenta Unlimited plan and the offer has been extended to seniors.


So seniors can choose the T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 plan, choosing this plan will lower the cost of two lines of data to $55 per month.


How Much Can You Save On One Of These Plans?


T-Mobile Senior PlansPeople who are under 55 years old pay $60 per month for one line and $90 per month for two lines on the T-Mobile Essentials plan.


Seniors who choose the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan will give up some benefits but they will save $15 per month in comparison to the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan.


Seniors on the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan only have the ability to text when they are abroad, they do not have data.


However, seniors on the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan can text and use data while they are abroad but the data speeds are significantly slower than they are in the U.S. unless you’re willing to pay $90 per month for the Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 plan.


The Magenta Plus Unlimited 55 plan offers 5G of LTE data when you travel to Canada or Mexico. On the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan, the data speeds are capped at 2G in those countries, this is very slow.


If you plan on doing lots of traveling around the world, then the Essentials Unlimited 55 plan may not be the best option for you.


Are There Any Hidden Fees On These Plans?


All the taxes and fees have already been added to the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan price.


However, the taxes and fees are not included with the Essentials plan, this is something you should consider if your main objective is to save money on your monthly phone bill.


Customers on the Magenta Unlimited 55 plan and the Essentials plan are eligible for T-Mobile’s Tuesday giveaways.


Features Included On The Plans:


The features listed below are included on these plans:


  • T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Un-contract: you are guaranteed that the price will not change unless you want it to
  • Free Shipping with all new activations
  • Use your phone number on any connected phone or use multiple phone numbers on one phone via the DIGITS app
  • Voicemail with Message Alert
  • Call Waiting
  • Emergency Calls
  • Caller ID
  • Customer Cara
  • Conference Calling


How Do These Senior Plans Stack Up Against The Competition?


These senior plans stack up well against its competitors, the Verizon Senior plans are slightly more expensive, it costs $80 per month plus taxes and fees for 2 lines.


AT&T Plans For Seniors and Consumer Cellular also have comparable plans that they market towards seniors.


If you have any comments or questions about these plans, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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