T-Mobile’s Scam ID Program Will Block Scammers / Crooks


Scam IDLast Friday T-Mobile introduced a new service to its customers. This service was developed to identify and block incoming calls to its customers from crooks and scammers.


This new service will be implemented through a program called “Scam ID”.


T-Mobile stated that they will be analyzing incoming calls to their customers and they will compare the incoming numbers to a large database of numbers used by known scammers.


If a caller’s number matches a number in the database the system will then issue a warning to the customer’s phone.


The customer will have the option to block all calls identified as scammers by the system. The types of calls which will be identified as scammers by the system involves calls from fake charities, tax refunds, car warranties, and fake vacation offers, just to name a few.


Scammers today are much more innovative than they were in the past. Here is an example of one of the most popular scams that scammers have been using lately. The scammer will call a person and ask them “can you hear me” when the person says yes, the scammer will have a recording of the person’s voice and they will proceed to use it to authorize unwanted charges.


T-Mobile has been working with the Federal Communications Commission in an effort to stop unwanted and illegal calls. Last week, the FCC suggested some rules which will make it easier for carriers to block robocalls from spoofed phone numbers.


T-Mobile stated that their Scam ID service will be available for new and existing customers on their postpaid plans starting on April 5. MetroPCS customers will get the service later on in April, and their other customers will get Scam ID at a later time.


People who are considering using the Scam ID service should know that T-Mobile has issued a warning. “Enabling Scam Blocking may inadvertently block desired calls,” the Scam ID service will not identify or block all scammers. If the unwanted calls are made by legitimate businesses the calls will not be blocked.


T-Mobile is headed in the right direction with the implementation of the Scam ID service, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement here.



  1. This tip is amazing, I will definitely use it since there are so many annoying people out there who feel it is okay to annoy anyone they choose to.
    This is extremely useful hack and I think it should be shared on all social media pages to create more awareness. Thanks,

  2. Very good information, sounds like T mobile in on the front end of this. The question I have, it said desired numbers could inadvertently be blocked. Is there some means via a website or another way to see the numbers they have blocked? That may allow you to OK the numbers you may not want blocked.

    • Hi Randy407, I have a similar app on my phone that I’ve been using for years now, with that app whenever a call is blocked I receive a notification which tells me that a call has been blocked, it shows me the number, and there is an option to unblock it if I would like to. So I can only assume that the T-Mobile’s Scam ID program will work in a similar manner.

  3. Hello Marvin
    Thanks for sharing your post, there are so many scams out there and before it happens to us, we tend to think such things can only happen to other people, people who are not careful.
    The fact is that this can affect any of us.Glad T-mobile has taken steps to stop phone scammers but i think they will not succeed, scammers can change their phones on the go so it will be almost impossible to keep tabs on all numbers they use.
    People are naivé or greedy, you will find some people out there who will not believe they are being scammed till it has happened.This happened in my family when an aunt got a call telling her she had won money, all she had to do was make a small deposit to withdraw her money from the bank.Luckily for her she did not have money to deposit as she does not have money.Still,she went to the bank to check for the promised money.just incase.
    Let`s hope the system T-mobile has put in place will reduce scams, but stopping them all together is impossible as they keep getting better and there are always ignorant people out there who will believe in father christmas so there is money to be made.
    Very informative, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the feedback roamy, I agree with you 100{4e00ece13e2b02890f5a6026c7361cc7def9c5809a46332fda610a80d11c2762} I think the Scam ID program will be able to reduce scams to a certain extent. But it will not be able to stop it completely because scammers have been getting much more sophisticated so we have to be vigilant.


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