T-Mobile Has Been Slowly Phasing Out Their Data Limits


T-Mobile has been one of the major cell phone service providers in the U.S. for many years now, and they have had a long history of providing good cell phone service at a lower price than some of the other major service providers.


T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere Making An Announcement.


However, T-Mobile recently made an announcement that they are currently in the process of phasing out the data limits and pushing their customers toward their unlimited data plans. As a result of this new customers will have to pay higher prices.


Even though T-Mobile will be cutting the price of the unlimited plan people who do not use very much data may be forced to pay more for unlimited data that they do not need.


T-Mobile made this announcement exactly one day after AT&T made their announcement saying that they are going to raise the prices on some of their plans while giving their customers more data. Verizon did exactly the same thing in July.


Shortly after T-Mobile’s announcement, Sprint made an announcement saying that they will cut the price of their unlimited plan which is currently $75 to $60 per month and if you would like to get a second line the price has been reduced from $45 to $40.


Cell phone service providers have been competing with each other for many years but the industry became much more competitive within the past few years.


As a result of this, some service providers would reduce the price of their service plans to make their service more enticing to acquire new customers, then they would compensate for the lower prices by selling larger data plans.


In an effort to gain more new customers T-Mobile has been allowing many customers to stream videos from the following services HBO, Netflix and ESPN without using their data.


T-Mobile’s decision to make its plans unlimited is a part of the same concept because we all know that streaming video uses up lots of data.


On September 6, T-Mobile will reduce the price of their unlimited plan and the plans that have data limits will start phasing out.


T-Mobile has not stated any dates for when the older plans will no longer be available. T-Mobile’s spokeswoman Bethany Frey said “a new customer could still get the unlimited plans after September 6 but the new unlimited plan will eventually be T-Mobil’s main offer.”


T-Mobile’s unlimited plan isn’t really unlimited because if a customer uses more than 26 gigabytes in a month their speeds will be reduced for the rest of the billing cycle if there is network congestion.


T-Mobile customers who already have an unlimited plan will save money with the new prices. For one person the price is currently $95 per month this will be reduced to $70 for people who are fine watching DVD-level video quality.


But if you would prefer to have HD video it will cost an additional $25 per month, which will make the price the same as it is right now.


The T-Mobile customers who currently have family plans with 6 – 10 gigabytes per month per person may see their bill go up or down.


If there are four people who are getting 6 gigabytes each, the price may increase by $40 to $160, five people getting 10 gigabytes each will pay $10 less at $180. One person may pay $5 more or $10 less with the new plan, depending on their current plan.


There is also a 2-gigabyte plan which costs $50 a month, T-Mobile suggested that customers who would prefer to pay less than $70 per month for an unlimited plan should switch to a prepaid service.


The recent spike in the prices of various service providers is due to the increased popularity of smartphone users in our society today. More smartphone users mean more network congestion which makes it more difficult for the service providers to offer unlimited plans.



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