Spying Apps For Android And iOS


In recent years, the cell phone has transitioned from a luxury item to a necessity. This is due to the advancements in cell phone technology. As a result of this, more and more people have been using cell phone spying apps for various reasons:


Reasons For Using Spying Apps:


  1. Monitoring your child’s cell phone activities – If you have a child who has a cell phone, you can use a cell phone spying app to monitor their cell phone activities to keep them safe when they’re not in your presence.
  2. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating – You can use a cell phone spying app to monitor their cell phone activities to determine whether or not they are being faithful to you.


The Best Cell Phone Spy Software:


The Best Cell Phone Spy Software


If you would like to spy on someone and you’re looking for the best cell phone spying apps that you can find. You should read this blog post in its entirety.


You must determine what features are most important to you then you can make your selection from one of the programs that I’ve provided below.


The programs that are mentioned below were chosen based on their features, functionalities, and ease of use.






FlexiSPY is a robust cell phone spying software that is available on a variety of different platforms such as Blackberry, Nokia Symbian, Android, iPad, and iPhone.


FlexiSPY is an extremely user-friendly software that has lots of features. This program will give you the ability to monitor the GPS location, SMS, social networking activities, incoming and outgoing calls, emails, and more.


With FlexiSPY you will have the ability to do the following:


Phone call recording – If you’re worried about who your child our spouse is talking to when they’re not in your presence, this feature will give you the ability to record all incoming and outgoing calls.


You can also record calls to and from specific contacts only, all recordings will be uploaded to your online dashboard so you can listen to them at your convenience.


Environment recording – FlexiSPY refers to this feature as Ambient recording, this feature gives you the ability to record the surroundings of the targeted phone.


SMS Keyword Deletion – If your targeted phone is an Android, iPhone, or Symbian you will have the ability to delete any incoming SMS messages that contain keywords that you specify.


Spoof SMS – With this feature, you can anonymously send text messages to anyone on the contact list on the targeted phone or any other number of your choice. It’s extremely easy to send fake text messages with this feature.


Viber Call Recording – This feature gives you the ability to record VoIP calls, these are calls placed to contacts or other people using instant messaging programs such as Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp.


Remote Video Camera Spy – This is a great mobile surveillance feature that controls the phone’s camera and records video and audio of the surroundings of the targeted phone. You can get all these features and more with FlexiSPY.


There are two different membership options available, there’s the premium membership for $68 and the extreme membership for $199.


Both membership options are great but the extreme membership offers much more features than that of the premium membership. You can get this program at flexispy.com.






mSpy is one of the most popular programs that people use for spying on cell phones. It works well on multiple platforms such as Android, iPhones, iPads, and iPods.


Once mSpy has been installed on the phone it will work discreetly in the background so it will be very difficult for the person to know that their activities on their phone are being monitored.


You will have the ability to monitor cell phone activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, GPS location, text messages, call history, web history and more.


You can prevent the phone from installing and using apps that you do not approve of. You can prevent the phone from accessing certain websites.


You can read incoming and outgoing emails. If you’re monitoring your child’s phone and it gets lost or stolen, you can remotely lock the phone to prevent strangers from accessing the information on the phone.


You will get all these features and more on mSpy there’s a basic membership and a premium membership the basic membership is $29.99 per month. This is extremely limited in what it offers, so I would not recommend getting this membership.


The premium membership offers much more value and you can get a premium membership for $39.99 for 3-months at mSpy.


Highster Mobile


highster mobile


This is a great program that has many features to offer. The user interface is extremely user-friendly and it has a similar look and feel to that of its competitor FlexiSPY.


With Highster Mobile you will be able to do the following things:


Monitor The Browsing History – You will be able to see the recent browsing history, as well as the browsing history that’s been deleted.


Monitor Videos And Images – You will have the ability to monitor all the videos and images stored on the phone.


GPS Tracking – You will be able to view the exact location of the targeted phone via the GPS tracking in the program.


Monitor Phone Calls – You can view the call log, this will give you a detailed report of all the calls which were made and received as well as the time the call as made.


Monitor Text Messages – You will have the ability to read incoming and outgoing text messages as well as deleted text messages.


Social Media Monitoring – You can monitor activities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will be able to access the social media profiles on the targeted phone and read the messages.


Highster Mobile is available on Android and iOS, unlike many of the other programs that charge a monthly fee. With Higster Mobile, there’s no monthly fee, instead, there’s a lifetime fee which is $69 it’s available at higstermobile.com.


If you’re looking for the best cell phone spying apps you can find. You should use the information that I’ve provided here as a guide to help you decide which of these programs will work best for you.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.



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