Sony Xperia Z6 Release Date And News.


There has been some rumors circulating in the tech world about Sony, the rumor is that Sony is preparing to release a brand new smartphone later this year, the name of the phone will be the Sony Xperia Z6.


Sony Xperia Z6


Many smartphone enthusiasts believe that this phone will be launched at the IFA which will be held from September 2 to September 7 in Berlin, Germany.


The IFA is a world-renowned trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances.  For many years Sony has had a history of releasing their new devices and making big announcements at this event in Germany.


The rumor that’s been circulating is that Sony will announce the release date for the Sony Xperia Z6 which will be some time in October. Even though Sony has not released an official statement about the production of the Xperia Z6, there has been many rumors about the specs of this device.


An article written in December of last year on stated that the Sony Xperia Z6 will be coming in 5 different screen sizes.


The Xperia Z6 smartphone will come in screen sizes ranging from 4 inch to 6.4 inch, the primary Z6 phone will have a 5.2 inch IPS WQHD screen with a 2560 x 1440 pixel display resolution.


This has remained the same since Sony released the Xperia Z2 which has continued through a few different versions of the phone up to the latest version the Z5.


The primary Z6 smartphones will run on the Snapdragon 820 SoC processor with 4GB of RAM which should be more than enough for people who plan on multitasking.


The Xperia Z6 will come equipped with the Android Marshmallow operating system, along with 512 GB of expandable storage and a 2900 mAh battery which will be non-removable.


The Xperia Z6 will have a 23 megapixel rear facing camera and it will have Adreno 530 GPU graphics technology which will guarantee better graphics than that of its predecessors.


The same report stated that the Xperia Z6 may come with some type of pressure sensitive display, similar to Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus 3D touch display.


Insiders are expecting the Xperia Z6 to be released later this year because it’s an absolute necessity for Sony to do this in order to stay relevant and to compete with the stiff competition in the smartphone industry today.


There’s no word yet on whether or not the Xperia Z6 will have a fingerprint scanner and whether or not it will be water resistant and dust resistant like its predecessor the Sony Xperia Z5, only time will tell.


The majority of this blog post was provided by info found on which listed their source as “Antutu’s Weibo page”. Please let me know what you think about the Sony Xperia Z6 in the comment box below.



  1. Thanks for updating us on the Xperia Z6. As somebody who’s looking for another phone, this one sounds very appealing. I particularly like the pressure touch screen, and I hope the Xperia Z6 has it, like the iPhone 6s!
    I’ll keep this page bookmarked for more news!
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the feedback Davby, and thanks for bookmarking my site I think the Xperia Z6 will be a great fit for you because you like the pressure touch screen. As I find out more info I will write more blog posts about this phone.

  2. Yeah, they will probably release a Z6 compact just like in previous Z series handsets. I love their high-resolution camera, probably the highest resolution around. But, having a 23MP resolution again, I hope they have improved the sensor size and pixel size.

    What is an IPS WQHD anyway? Does it mean IPS LCD technology with a Quad-HD resolution? Or is this another kind of display technology?

    • Thanks for the feedback Chris, I agree with you 100{4e00ece13e2b02890f5a6026c7361cc7def9c5809a46332fda610a80d11c2762} I think the Z6 camera has the highest resolution on the market right now. You’re correct the IPS WQHD is basically IPS LCD with a Quad-HD resolution, you really know about cell phones.


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