Sony Xperia X Review – Sony Could Have Done Better


Sony has been around for many years and has a history of creating great products. Such as televisions, cameras, computers, video game consoles, and lots of other products. However, the quality of the Sony smartphones have not been up to par with the majority of the other Sony products that are currently on the market.

Sony Xperia X Review

Pros Cons
  • Good audio quality
  • The 1080p LCD is nice
  • The battery life could have been better
  • The removal of the fingerprint scanner
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Sony Xperia X Hardware And Design:


The long-awaited Sony Xperia X looks very much like its predecessors, that’s not necessarily a bad thing but I think Sony could have been more innovative with this phone.


The sides are curved, and it’s made of polycarbonate, however, it looks very much like metal.  The front and back of the phone are flat, these attributes paired with the curved sides make it relatively easy to hold the phone in one hand.


The back of the Xperia X is made of an attractive matte metal which has a bit of a texture to it. This is an improvement from its predecessor the Xperia Z which seemed to collect lots of fingerprints.


There is a lock button that is located at the side of the phone along with the dedicated camera button, and the volume buttons.


Sony has removed the fingerprint sensor feature from the U.S. version of the phone, this is a huge mistake on the part of Sony.


This is a relatively new feature in many of the latest smartphones on the market that people expect to be on a phone.


The Xperia X has retained the dedicated camera button and on the other side, there is a SIM tray that houses a Micro SD card and a Nano-SIM this is extremely convenient.


However, every time I open the SIM tray the phone automatically restarts, this is something that I dislike about the phone.


Unlike its predecessors the Xperia X is not waterproof, I’m not sure why Sony decided to remove this feature. It’s not a deal-breaker by any means but I think there are many people who enjoy having this feature on a phone.


Display Screen:


The Xperia X has a 5-inch LCD screen it’s 1080p this is a bit lower than some of the premium smartphones on the market today. However, this display screen is bright and it provides a great viewing experience.


The low light brightness setting is good on the Xperia X but not as good is it is on the AMOLED display screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


However, it provides a great viewing experience in a dark setting without straining your eyes. When going from a dark setting to a light setting the brightness is adjusted quickly and accurately.


The Sony X-reality post-processing engine feature is turned on by default. This feature only works in Sony applications, I dislike this feature because it makes the colors appear less vibrant.


The Xperia X provides a relatively good viewing experience when viewing the screen from different angles, the picture quality is retained and the text is readable.


Performance And Battery:


The Xperia X comes with a Snapdragon 650 processor this is a step down from the Snapdragon 820 processor that’s present in many of the premium smartphones today.


The Xperia X has a hexa-core chip, which runs on ARM Cortex cores. The Xperia X does not perform very well when multitasking there is a bit of a lag and it’s quite noticeable.


Aside from that, there’s been a few times when I was using the phone and it unexpectedly rebooted. This device does not function like a premium smartphone.


The Xperia X has a 2620mAh non-removable battery, this is not a very big battery and the battery life is mediocre, to say the least.




The front-facing camera is a 13MP camera, this camera has a relatively wide sensor which makes it easier to take selfies of multiple people. The main camera on the Xperia X is a 23MP camera.


The resolution can be adjusted with oversampling but when you try to take pictures with the highest resolution the camera takes a bit longer to capture the picture. The oversampling feature is supposed to produce better colors and less noise.


There were a few instances when I opened the camera application and I saw a camera error or a black screen.


Sometimes it just seems to take a long time to get going. Another drawback is the fact that there’s no 4K recording so this means that you’re limited to 1080p at 30 or 60fps.


This may not be a big deal with the average person who plans on buying a cell phone, however, I expected better from Sony.


The camera takes decent pictures but there’s room for improvement in this department.




The Xperia X comes with the Android 6.0.1 operating system pre-installed along with the March security patch level.


Sony has made some adjustments to the Marshmallow operating system. When you open the app drawer for the very first time you will see a screen that asks you if you would like to have top apps presented to you based on your location, this is a nice feature.


There’s an automatic cache cleaner which is turned on by default, this automatically deletes the cache of applications that you haven’t used in a while.


This is a double-edged sword because deleting the cache is good for freeing up storage space but it’s not good for the overall performance of the phone.


The phone comes with some pre-installed applications which are mainly for Sony and there aren’t too many unnecessary pre-installed applications in general.


The Xperia X has retained the Sony Stamina Mode however it’s a bit different than it was before the introduction of the Marshmallow operating system.


Sony had to do away with all the processing management features that were included in the Stamina Mode because OEMs cannot interfere with Doze.


This shuts off the background data, GPS, and image enhancement, the Ultra Stamina Mode gives you basic features and functionalities.


This will come in great when the battery is low and you’re unable to charge the phone and you need to extend the battery life for as long as possible.


My Final Thought:


I’m a bit disappointed because I expected a better phone from Sony, the performance of the Xperia X isn’t bad but there’s quite a bit of room for improvement.


I would not recommend buying this phone because I think it’s overpriced. However, you can get it for $499.99 on eBay if you would like to buy it, please let me know your thoughts on the Xperia X in the comment section below.


Sony Xperia X Specs



  1. I found your article on the sony phone very interesting, I would never imagined a Sony product not to be of high quality and up to standards with all their other product line.

    I do not own a smart phone of any type, choosing one just overwhelms me would you be able to do an article maybe for beginners to choose a good smart phone for a good price.

    i really think this would help me and other new smart phone buyers, the smart phones on the market are so confusing to know which ones to buy.

    • I can do that, I was a bit disappointed with the Sony Xperia X to say the least but hopefully some Sony executives will read some of the consumer reviews on this phone and they will do a better job with the next phone.

  2. Very good article here I’ve been looking for a new phone for sometime now. Just didn’t know where to find good resourceful information on certain ones though. I had a lady in AT&T trying to get me to buy this phone the other day. I was unsure so I didn’t cause I wanted to do some research on it. Glad I found this article and I will not be purchasing this phone. Good looking out. Do you have any good phone recommendations though?

  3. I agree with you that this phone is not good enough. With waterproof and fingerprint sensor gone. It’s a big step down from it’s predecessor.
    Oh about the camera error you encounter. Maybe you can try doing a Software Repair. I have an Xperia Z5 Compact and it used to force close whenever i toggle on Wifi Hotspot. But after e-mailed to Sony through theur Sony Support App, they suggested me to do Software Repair using Xperia Companion. It helps and everything went well since then. You may try contact the Support yourself!
    Anyway good review. Just what I wanted to see.

  4. Cool post on Sony Xperia phone. I once had sony xperia. I think it was one of the first, you had type board you just could flip into, which made it much easier to type, just like on a computer. Liked when the company was named Sony Ericsson, made it a a lot cooler to own one because the phone was very high quality and was a Swedish product, and I’m from Sweden which makes just better. Anyways cool and informative post, keep it up!

  5. I have been looking to move away from using apple products for a while now, but trying to find a phone I am happy with is very hard

    Maybe I am just stuck in my ways.

    After reading your brilliant review I think I will be staying away from this phone. Are there any sony phones you would recommend?

    • Hello David, iPhones are great but if you’re looking for something different and you would like to get a Sony phone I would recommend the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact.


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