Smartphone Camera Tricks That You Should Use


As smartphone technology expanded the picture quality of smartphone cameras have significantly improved. In this blog post, I will share some simple smartphone camera tricks that you can use the next time you decide to take some pictures with your smartphone.

Smartphone Camera Tricks:


smartphone camera tricks


You Can Take Photos With Your Volume Button:


You Can Take Photos With Your Volume Button

This is a simple trick that not many people are aware of. While you have the camera app open you can take a photo with the volume button.


This will work whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, it will work with the primary camera or the selfie camera. It’s easier to take photos this way with one hand while holding the phone in a natural position.



There’s A Camera Remote You Can Use On iOS:


There's A Camera Remote You Can Use On iOS

If you have an iPhone or an iPad you can use the volume buttons on your headphones as a remote control for the camera app. You must open the camera app prior to pressing the volume buttons for this to work.


You must also have headphones with physical volume buttons to be able to do this. This feature does not work with wireless headphones, you must have wired headphones.


However, if you have an iPhone without the headphone jack then you can use this feature via the lightning headphone jack.


Your Phone’s Camera Is Smarter Than You Think:


Your Phone's Camera Is Smarter Than You Think

The camera on your phone has the ability to read and translate text from one language to another. The camera also has the ability to recognize places and objects.


You can do this on Android and iOS, this is possible with apps such as Amazon flow and Google Lens. You can take a photo of a grocery store, a gym, or any other type of business and you will be able to read customer reviews.


You Can Take A Panorama Photo While Moving:


You Can Take A Panorama Photo While Moving
Photo Courtesy Of PDF3D

Many premium smartphones today have a panorama feature which gives you the ability to capture multiple wide images as you move the camera.


This feature was meant to be used by one person who is standing in one place. However, you can also use this feature while you’re in a moving car.


To do this, you must turn the camera towards the window and hold your hand steady while taking the photos.


Your Phone May Be Able To See Infrared:


Your Phone May Be Able To See Infrared

Infrared lights are not visible to the naked eye but the digital cameras in smartphones can see infrared in the form of a purplish light. The only thing you can use this for is to determine whether or not the batteries in your remote controls need to be replaced.


To do this, you must open the camera app on your phone and point the remote control at your phone’s camera while looking at your phone’s display screen.


Then you must press a few buttons on the remote control if you don’t see a purple light you should replace the batteries in the remote control and try it again.


You Can Scan Negatives:


You Can Scan Negatives
Photo Courtesy Of Everpresent

If you have negatives that you would like to see, you can see them without getting them developed. If you have a camera app on your phone which has a negative effect you can digitize your negatives without downloading an app or paying any money.


To digitize your negatives you must hold the negative strip up to a light source and take a photo of the negative film strip with your camera’s negative effect.


The camera’s negative effect will reverse the color of the negative leaving you with a digital photo. This is an easy way for you to transform your negatives into digital photos.


Your Phone’s Camera Can Read Barcodes:


Your Phone's Camera Can Read Barcodes

We all know that a smartphone’s camera can read QR codes, however, there are certain apps which allow you to read standard barcodes as well.


Barcode readers give you the ability to learn more about a product before purchasing it. Businesses can also use barcode readers to manage their inventory.


Your Phone’s Camera Can Read Your Heart Rate:


Your Phone's Camera Can Read Your Heart Rate

Ther are many different fitness trackers that you can use to track your heart rate. But if you don’t own a fitness tracker you can read your heart rate through your phone’s camera via heart rate monitor apps.


To do this, you must launch the heart rate monitor app then place your finger in front of the camera and the app will calculate your pulse.


You Can Translate Any Language:


You Can Translate Any Language

If you’re in a foreign country where people speak a language that you do not speak. You can translate text from one language to another via the Google Translate app on your phone.



These are some great camera tricks that you can use. If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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