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Should Kids Have Cell Phones? What Are The Pros And Cons?


Should Kids Have Cell Phones


Should kids have cell phones? Will having a cell phone make them safer or more vulnerable to predators? The vast majority of people who buy their kids cell phones do it because it gives them the ability to stay in touch with their kids when they’re apart.


Cell Phones Provide A Great Way For Parents To Stay In Touch With Their Kids:


In the event of an emergency, a kid will have the ability to contact his/her parents and vice versa. Due to the recent advancements in technology, someone who has a cell phone today will have the ability to play and record HD video, take pictures, send and receive text messages, video chat and more.


The number of teens in the US who have cell phones has been increasing each year. While having a cell phone will provide a great way for parents to stay in touch with their children.


There are some important things that parents should consider before making the decision to allow their child to have a cell phone. This is a double-edged sword because children can be impulsive.


Once you’ve given your kid a cell phone you should be concerned about who they’re talking to and what type of websites they are visiting when they are not in your presence. Because there are lots of predators on the internet who prey on children.


Monitor Your Kid’s Cell Phone Activities:


It’s extremely important for you to monitor your kid’s cell phone activities. Luckily there are applications such as Qustodio that you can install on the phone which will allow you to monitor and manage all of the activities on the cell phone. Aside from security, there are other important factors to consider.


Are Cell Phones Hazardous?


Since the advent of cell phones, some researchers such as UC Berkeley professor Joel Moskowitz have expressed concerns about the RF energy (Radio Frequency Energy) that cell phones produce. Holding a cell phone to one’s ear puts it in close proximity to the brain.


Some researchers insist that RF energy may be linked to brain cancer, tumors, low sperm counts and a host of other ailments. As a result of a recent research study, Britain’s National Radiological Protection Board issued a recommendation that parents should not give cell phones to children who are under 8 years of age.


The protection board also recommends that cell phone usage for children who are between the ages of 8-13 should be limited.


However, in the US the FDA insists that there is no convincing evidence to prove that cell phones are hazardous to our health. It’s better to be safe than sorry, parents should be cautious and think about what the researchers are saying.


How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A Cell Phone For Your Kid?


The price of premium phones has been increasing every year. Before buying a cell phone for your kid you must decide what types of features and functionalities would be suitable.


Do you want a basic cell phone for talking and texting, or do you want a premium smartphone with all the latest features and functionalities? If you’re not sure you should read some reviews before making your final decision.


You must also decide what type of plan would be best, do you want a monthly plan or a pre-paid plan? If you’re on a tight budget a pre-paid plan may be more suitable.


After choosing the appropriate phone and plan that you would like, at the end of the month when you receive the bill you should check the phone numbers to see who your son/daughter has been calling. If you don’t recognize any of the numbers you should ask them about it.


Safety Is Important:


The majority of cell phones on the market have GPS (global positioning software). This is good because it gives parents the ability to keep track of where their child is at any given time. However, the GPS also makes it easier for other people to track them down as well, this can be a bad thing.


You Must Get An Anti Virus Program:


The data that’s stored on cell phones are not secure. If your child spends lots of time on social media sites and surfing the net.


They must be cautious about what types websites they visit and what types of software they download on their cell phone. They should also be cautious about what they store on their cell phone because there are hackers who have the ability to steal personal data from cell phones and they may install viruses if they have the ability to do so.


Luckily there are some great antivirus applications available that will protect a cell phone from these types of cyber threats.


A Cell Phone Provides Many Different Ways For A Kid To Misbehave:


A kid who has a cell phone may be tempted to take nude photos of themself and send it to someone else. A kid with a cell phone may be tempted to cheat on tests, visit websites that they should not be visiting or chat with strangers. Listen to vulgar music or play extremely violent video games.


Teenagers may be tempted to use their cell phones while driving. Many accidents occur every year as a result of distracted driving via cell phone use.


As a parent, you should let your child know that these types of activity are off limits. And if you find out that they have been participating in any of these types of activities you will have to take their phone away from them.


Kids Must Learn Proper Cell Phone Etiquette:


What is proper cell phone etiquette? Cell phones haven’t been around very long. As a result of this, many adults have a hard time when trying to determine what’s appropriate and what isn’t. So parents should not expect the kids to know this.


There are certain places where cell phone use is inappropriate. These places are classrooms, restaurants, churches, movie theaters and any other setting where other people will be able to eavesdrop. They should either turn the cell phone off or put it on silent.


So it’s very important for a parent to lay down some ground rules before allowing their kid to have a cell phone.


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