Should I Use A Phone Case? What Are The Pros And Cons?


If you have recently purchased a phone you may be asking yourself the following questions should I use a phone case? What are the pros and cons of using a phone case?


In this blog post, I will list some of the pros and cons of using a phone case and you can use this information to determine whether or not you should use a phone case. I will start with the pros.

Should I Use A Phone Case?


Should I Use A Phone Case?


A Phone Case Is Great In Case Of An Accidental Drop:


One of the main reasons why people get phone cases is to protect their phones in case they accidentally drop it on the floor.


We all drop our phones at some time or another, but if you’re someone who’s constantly dropping your phone, you should get a phone case.


How much protection do you need for your phone? How much protection you need is determined by what type of phone you have.


If you have a rugged phone such as the Ulefone Armor 2, you’ll be just fine without a case see the video below.



However, if you have a fragile phone such as the iPhone X, you would be better off getting a case because the display screen or the back panel may break if you accidentally drop it.


Many of the premium smartphones that are currently on the market have a slippery back panel so this makes it a bit easier to drop the phone.


As a result of this, putting a case on the phone will make it easier for you to get a better grip when holding the phone. Thus preventing you from dropping the phone in the first place.


The Camera Or The Buttons May Break:


Should I Use A Phone Case?

The camera lens on some phones is flush with the back panel of the phone. If you accidentally drop one of these phones and the back panel of the phone hits the ground you may damage the camera.


If this happens it may have an adverse effect on the functionality of the camera and the quality of the photos and the videos that you take.


You may also damage the buttons on the phone by dropping it, this will have an adverse effect on the overall functionality of the phone.


The Resale Value May Be Depreciated:


If you drop your phone and it gets scratched or if something gets broken, this will negatively affect the resale value of the phone. If you are someone who sells your old phone when you upgrade, having a case on the phone will preserve the resale value.


Reasons Not To Use A Phone Case:

Should I Use A Phone Case?


A Phone Case Will Make The Phone Bulky:


One of the primary reasons people don’t use phone cases is because it will make the phone bulky. It will also make the phone look bigger when you put it into your pocket.


Some phone cases make it a bit more difficult to slip the phone into your pocket. Most of us choose our phones based on the design, we like the way the phone looks and feels in our hands.


Putting a case on the phone will hide the design and it will give the phone a different look and feel to it. Many people do not use phone cases for this reason.


Phone Cases Collect Dust And Dirt:


Phone cases have a tendency to collect lots of dust and dirt between the surface of the phone and the case. When this happens if you don’t remove the case and clean everything.


You will end up with a phone that has lots of dust, dirt, and bacteria. Many people don’t use a case because they would prefer not to deal with this.


A Case May Not Prevent Your Phone From Being Broken:


Having a case on your phone will provide a bit of added security. However, there’s always a chance that your phone may be broken when you drop it, even if it has a case.


It all depends on the way the phone falls and the type of surface it hits. There is no phone case that will be able to protect your phone from 100% of the falls that may occur.


A Good Phone Case May Be Too Expensive:


Should I Use A Phone Case?

There are lots of cheap cases on the market but what you pay for is what you get. If you have an expensive phone it makes no sense to get a cheap case for it.


A good premium phone case can cost between $40 to $60, many people would prefer not to spend this extra money. But if you accidentally drop your phone and it breaks, there’s no telling how much it would cost to have it fixed.


A Phone Case Will Make Your Phone Hotter:


Certain phones have a tendency to get hot when you’re using them. If your phone gets extremely hot when you’re using it, this may cause some serious problems such as battery drain and forced shutdown.


Having a case on a phone that’s already overheating will make the phone even hotter, it would be better for you to take the case off.


Another Viable Option To Consider:


After reading this blog post, if you decide that you would prefer not to get a phone case you can get gadget insurance. You can get gadget insurance from a company such as SquareTrade.


They charge $100 per year and it will cost an additional $50 for any individual repair.


This will protect your phone against accidental drops, spills, and just about any other type of accident that may occur. This is a great solution if you know that you have a tendency to drop your phone from time to time.


These are the pros and cons of using a phone case for your phone. Now you can use this information to determine whether or not you should get a phone case for your phone.


Please let me know if you have any comments or questions in the comment section below.




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