Secure iPhone With New Apple Technology Called No Snooping


Apple has been working on a new anti-snooping technology it refers to as no snooping which will allow iPhone users to have a more secure iPhone.

Secure iPhone No Snooping

This technology will stop law enforcement agencies from tracking the location of iPhone users and hacking into their phones.


According to a recent report in The Telegraph, Apple has patented technology which encrypts information between a cellular network and an iPhone.


The report stated the following: “The technology would hinder so-called ‘Stingray’ boxes, which mimic phone masts and can be used to track phone users’ locations and listen in on phone calls,”


Hackers can also exploit Stingrays to gain access to an iPhone user’s personal data.


This new Apple technology will put end-to-end encryption to the iPhone’s unique ID. Which will hinder the use of Stingray boxes that are used to track the user’s location.


This is also known as “IMSI” catchers, Stingrays are used by law enforcement agencies in the United States.

Apple Wants All iPhone Users To Have A Secure iPhone:


Apple is fighting a legal battle on a global scale to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to gain access to encrypted data from an iPhone.


Britain and Australia have passed laws that would give law enforcement agencies access to a limited amount of data.


However, Apple refused the FBI’s demand to unlock an iPhone which was owned by the person who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California at the Inland Regional Centre in December 2015.


The FBI gained access to the encrypted iPhone at a later time without any help from Apple.


A Criminal Should Not Have The Right To A Secure iPhone:


It’s admirable that Apple is going out of its way to protect the privacy of iPhone users. However, people who break the law should not have the right to a secure iPhone.


I don’t understand why Apple will not cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the event of a criminal investigation, who’s side is Apple on?



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