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Samsung phones have been around for many years. Over the years Samsung has developed a reputation for making some of the best smartphones on the market.


Samsung developed their reputation by being bold and innovative, by thinking outside the box. The premium Samsung phones are nicely designed, they’re fast and responsive, they have great cameras, and lots of unique features.


However, there’s no such thing as a perfect phone, even the best Samsung cell phones have their strengths and weaknesses. There’s only one way to determine which phone is best for you.


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Display Screen:


The premium Samsung phones have curved AMOLED display screens with thin bezels. The size of the display screen and the resolution will vary from one model to the next.


However, these display screens are extremely attractive and they produce a wide variety of rich, vibrant colors that look extremely natural. Samsung recently started modifying the aspect ratio of the display screens on their phones.


This was done to fit a bigger display screen in a slightly smaller frame. Thich makes it easier for the user to handle the phone in one hand.




All premium Samsung phones will come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor or the latest Samsung Exynos processor. The amount of RAM that comes with the phone will vary from one model to the other.  


Samsung will tweak the software on every phone to make sure everything runs smoothly when performing simple tasks or multi-tasking.


These things will ensure that the newer Samsung phones will be faster and more responsive than their predecessors. Thus providing a better user experience than that of their predecessors.