Samsung May Release Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Phones


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a great phone that was recalled after many Galaxy Note 7 users complained that their phone had exploded. After the recall, Samsung thought that they had successfully fixed the problem. So the Galaxy Note 7 was released for the second time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Shortly thereafter users of the Galaxy Note 7 complained that the problem was not fixed and the phones were still exploding.


After the second release of the Galaxy Note 7 was unsuccessful Samsung discontinued the phone and a refund was issued to everyone who had purchased the phone.


However, a new report states that Samsung has fixed the problem and they will release the Galaxy Note 7 phone for the third time sometime next year.


Is that a good or bad thing? Many loyal Samsung smartphone users have stated that they will never buy another Samsung phone again because they no longer trust the brand.


Samsung has not yet released any statements as to why the Galaxy Note 7 phones had exploded in the first place. At some point before the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones go on sale, Samsung will likely release this statement.


The report states that the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones will be sold in the emerging markets including Vietnam and India.


That’s interesting because the mid-range and low-end smartphones are more popular in these countries. This is probably a sign that Samsung will be selling the Galaxy Note 7 for much less than it did when it was originally released.


Samsung has several million Galaxy Note 7 phones in their possession because many buyers have returned them. However, there’s a small group of die-hard Samsung fans who decided to keep their phones as a collector’s item despite Samsung’s request to return them.


How will the Galaxy Note 7 be accepted by the public after being released for the third time? And what will Samsung do to regain the confidence of the general public? Please let me know your thoughts about this in the comment section below.



  1. Marvin, the problem is that you cannot travel on an airplane with a Note 7, at least you can’t switch it on. I desperately wanted a Note 7 but I was prepared to wait for the blue one. However, it never even got launched in Malaysia Samsung shop, it was all over before it even started. Thankfully I never bought one. I am still using my Note 5. If they have fixed it I would still buy one. I’ll never go back to iPhone.

    • That’s a good point Craig, however, when the Note 7 is released for the third time if there are no reports of them exploding maybe the airlines will change their policy.


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