Samsung Galaxy X Release Date, Samsung’s Foldable Phone


Samsung is a reputable smartphone company that had a major setback a few months ago with the Galaxy Note 7. Hopefully, 2017 will be a much more promising year for the Samsung Smartphones.


Samsung Foldable Phone


Samsung is currently in the process of making the Galaxy X phone. The Galaxy X phone is expected to be a premium phone with an innovative foldable design, and it’s expected to have an AMOLED display screen.


Information on the Galaxy X has been slowly leaking out to the general public. In the past few months, Samsung has filed various patents. One of the patents that Samsung has filed is for a phone that will potentially fold like a wallet.


This is quite a unique design and if everything works out well with the implementation of these new patents. This may be enough for Samsung to regain the confidence of the general public after the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco earlier this year.


In a recent article on GSMArena, the author stated the following: “the aspect ratio of the device display looks 21:9 or close to that, and considering the physical design of the device it will be interesting to see how useful all of that screen real estate will turn out to be.”


Specs Of The Samsung Galaxy X:


A few weeks ago Digital Trends reported that there will be two versions of the phone. One phone will have a 620 Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor while the other will have an 820 or 830 along with Quick Charge 3.0 technology. Both phones are expected to have 3GB of RAM, a Micro SD card slot for expandable storage, and a non-removable battery.


One phone is expected to have a 5-inch display screen when it’s used as a smartphone. But when it’s opened it will have an 8-inch display screen.


Samsung Galaxy X Release Date:


The actual release date of the Samsung Galaxy X is still unknown to the general public. However, based on the rumors that have been going around, the Samsung Galaxy X will be released to the general public sometime in 2017.


Reliable sources have told the Korea Herald that we may see Samsung’s first foldable smartphone at the Mobile World Congress. This event will take place in February 2017.



  1. Hi Marvin,

    As a Samsung owner I can’t wait to see this. I was one of the disappointed customers when the Note 7 died. I desperately wanted one but it wasn’t to be. I have just recently traded in my Note 5 and I now have a A9 PRO. I think these are only available in Malaysia, India, Singapore and China.

    I am bemused how they can make a foldable phone. It’s madness don’t you think? I just hope it isn’t another recipe for disaster.

    • Thanks for the feedback Craig, I hope Samsung will never have another major setback like they did with the Galaxy Note 7. When the Galaxy X is released, I hope it will restore our confidence in the Samsung brand.

  2. Wow the Samsung Galaxy X would be a big change to the smartphone market where their insides may have changed a lot but not so much on the outside.

    There would be a lot of design challenges. Not only to have a foldable screen but also to compartmentalize the inner electronics and battery into smaller sections is another challenge.

    Have you heard of any price range yet?

    Great research and description of a phone that has not been released for public knowledge yet.


    • Thanks Paul, Samsung has been working on this phone for quite some time now. I have no idea how much the Galaxy X would cost but I think it may be Samsung’s most expensive phone thus far.

  3. Hi there,

    Excellent and highly informative site and thanks for sharing the info about this rather interesting and unique design of “foldable phone” That certainly solves the problem of larger phones.

    I don’t see it as being too long before the sizes increase to say 7 inches when used as a phone and 10 or 12 when unfolded to tablet format.

    Do you have any information regarding Apple following suit with similar design?

    • Thanks Derek, Samsung has filed patents on this design so if Apple wanted to copy it I’m not sure how much they would be able to copy.


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