Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – An Amazing Phone But…


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here. Samsung has been pushing the envelope a little further with the release of every smartphone to stay ahead of the competition. Samsung continues that trend with the release of the Galaxy S8, this is an attractive high-quality premium smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S8

Pros Cons
  • A big attractive display screen
  • Extremely fast and responsive
  • Great camera
  • Water-resistant
  • Bixby is not very useful at the moment
  • The fingerprint sensor is located in a bad place
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Samsung Galaxy S8 Introduction:


The Galaxy S8 is an amazing phone, however, there’s room for improvement. In this honest review, I will discuss some of my likes and dislikes about this phone.


The Galaxy S8 has a hefty price tag, and many people may not consider this phone a viable option as a result of that. Mid-range phones have gotten much better within the past few years.


Someone who’s content with using a great mid-range phone such as the Oneplus 3T may not be willing to spend the extra money to buy a phone such as the Galaxy S8.


However, if that person goes to their local smartphone dealer to test the Galaxy S8 they will understand why it’s more expensive than all the mid-range phones on the market.


Things I Dislike About The Samsung Galaxy S8:


Most premium smartphones on the market today come equipped with a fingerprint scanner for security and convenience. Samsung went above and beyond this with the release of the Galaxy S8.


This phone can be unlocked via your face, a fingerprint, an iris scan, or you can enter your PIN if you choose to do so. This makes the phone extremely secure.


Fingerprint Scanner


Due to the big, attractive display screen on the Galaxy S8, Samsung decided to move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone.


It’s located in a place that’s difficult to reach when you’re holding the phone in a natural position.


So this forces you to modify the position of your hand and hold the phone in an unnatural position to reach the scanner. This also makes it easier for you to accidentally drop the phone.


The fingerprint scanner has an elongated shape which makes it a bit difficult for the scanner to read your fingerprint.


You may have to scan your finger a few times before it registers, this can be frustrating when you’re in a rush.


Facial Recognition


I’m a bit disappointed with this feature because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it has a hard time recognizing your face.


It will not work in a darker setting and it can be bypassed with a photo of your face.


I think Samsung needed to spend more time developing this feature and getting rid of all the bugs before they added it to the phone.


Iris Scanner


Samsung has done a better job implementing the iris scanner with the Galaxy S8 than they did with the Note 7. However, there’s still room for improvement.


To access this feature you must turn the phone on, line up your eyes with the iris scanner when it recognizes your eyes it will confirm your identity and the phone will be unlocked.


Sometimes this feature will work exactly the way it was meant to and sometimes it won’t.


Sometimes this feature may not work if you’re walking, it seems as though the scanner has a hard time recognizing your eyes when you’re moving.


This feature should be flawless considering the amount of money that they charge for the phone, hopefully, they will get it right next time.




One of the main features of the Galaxy S8 is Bixby, this is Samsung’s voice assistant to rival Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa.


On the Galaxy S3 and S4, Samsung released S Voice to compete with Siri but Siri was much better. With the implementation of Bixby Samsung is trying to compete with its competitors in the area of artificial intelligence assistants.


Located on the left-hand side of the phone is the Bixby button for accessing this app. At the moment the Galaxy S8 in South Korea has voice recognition but the U.S. variant does not.


This feature will be added to the U.S. variant sometime in the near future. This feature will not be very useful until the voice recognition feature has been added.


There’s Bixby Vision, the button to access this app is located in the corner of the camera. This app is supposed to analyze what’s being shown through the camera’s viewfinder.


It will give you information about a place that you’re visiting, if it’s focused on an object it will let you know whether or not you can buy it.


The concept is great but the app doesn’t work very well. The results of image recognition will mainly show you things on Pinterest. The shopping element doesn’t recognize anything, and the places option is inconsistent.


There’s also Bixby Reminders, this feature will alert you of things that you made a note of in the past.


You can set a location trigger to remind you to buy something the next time you’re at a certain location. You can also configure the app to ping you at a certain time to remind you to call someone.


At the moment Bixby isn’t very useful, however, it will be able to understand things contextually in the future.


At the moment it will only work with some of the pre-installed apps and it cannot interact with any third-party apps but Samsung says this may change in the future.


  1. Thanks for this really detailed review of the Samsung phone. I like the fact that you’re highlighting some of the cons rather than just up selling it as other sites do. It certainly seems to have a lot of impressive features for the price.

    One question I have is around Bixby.

    Do you foresee Samsung making improvements to its software anytime soon?

    That would be a bugbear for me.

    • You’re welcome James, this is a great phone but I had to tell you about the cons, it would be wrong for me to up sell you. I’m not exactly sure when Samsung is going to make those improvements to Bixby that they promised us.

  2. Hi therte,
    Great review on samsung and the technology is improving year on year, it seems. I have a samsung myself and would love to know if companies would do trade ins. At $700….. it seems a bit expensive, just for a new phone.
    Thanks for posting and giving this model the thumbs-up.
    Cheers….Phil Browne

    • Thanks Phil, the Galaxy phones are usually expensive, you may be able to trade in your phone but it depends on what phone you’re trading in. Verizon will allow you to trade in a Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4 or a newer version of these phones. I’m sure the other carriers have special trade in deals as well.


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