Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review – A Great Upgrade




Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus camera


The Galaxy S10 Plus has a triple camera setup located at the back of the phone. The cameras consist of a 12MP regular camera, a 12MP optical zoom telephoto camera, and a new 16MP ultra-wide camera.


The dual-aperture feature is great, it gives you the ability to get more light into the photos, even when taking photos in low light conditions.


The new ultra-wide camera has a 123-degree field of view, this is great because it gives you the ability to fit more into the photos.


However, sometimes photos taken with the ultra-wide camera may have a fisheye effect.


This is noticeable when subjects are close to the edges of the photos, they appear to be distorted in comparison to those that are in the middle.


Nevertheless, this camera does a great job when taking group photos and landscape photos. You will get the best results by fitting everyone into the center of the frame.


The Scene Optimizer feature has been retained and it has 10 new categories.


This feature gives AI the ability to distinguish the difference between a person and an animal. Then the AI will fine-tune the image settings and give you Shot Suggestion hints on what you should do to get the absolute best photo.


This is possible because AI is working in conjunction with the phone’s neural processing unit (NPU).


This is a great feature that will help you to take great photos. However, you must also use your own judgment because sometimes the suggestions you get may not result in the best photo.


This is a great feature but it needs to be improved.


The Live Focus feature has been refined, the portrait mode on the Galaxy S10 Plus has a few more options, and the blur effects on the Spin and Zoom are different.


The Color Point turns the background into black and white while keeping the subject in the foreground in color.


This is a great feature, you also have the ability to use this feature when taking photos with the front-facing cameras.


The standard background blur effect is also present and it can be toggled via an on-screen slider.


Located at the front of the phone there’s a dual-camera setup which consists of a 10MP camera and an 8MP camera.


The 10MP camera is a regular camera and the 8MP camera is used for enhancing depth, it does a great job with Live Focus portrait photos.


In the new Samsung Phones for 2019, this dual-camera setup at the front of the phone is exclusive to the Galaxy S10 Plus.


The front-facing cameras do a great job when taking photos in a well-lit setting. However, the quality isn’t as good when taking photos in low-light conditions.


When it comes to recording videos, the Galaxy S10 Plus can record in HDR10+ and it has Digital Video Stabilization on the rear camera.


Samsung said that this was designed to make your Ultra HD video look as smooth as footage that was shot from an action cam.


Battery Life:


The Galaxy S10 Plus is the first phone in the Galaxy S series to feature a 4,100mAh battery. The battery on this phone will last for roughly one and a half-day of moderate use.


The S10 Plus has a variety of power-saving modes that you can use which will help you to extend the battery life.


The most aggressive power-saving mode is maximum power saving. This mode reduces the number of apps on the user interface, it allows you to choose a few apps that you would like on the user interface.


Enabling this mode will extend your battery life by a few hours.


The new Wireless PowerShare feature gives you the ability to use the S10 Plus to wirelessly charge other devices.


This feature works great and it automatically turns off when the battery capacity on the Galaxy S10 Plus reaches 30%.


If you have a case on the Galaxy S10 Plus, this may prevent the PowerShare feature from working. You will most likely have to remove the case before using this feature.


However, the Fast Wireless charging technology will work just fine even if you have a case on the phone. This feature allows you to wirelessly charge the phone via a charging pad.


My Final Thought:


The Galaxy S10 Plus is a great phone that performs very well. This phone has everything that an avid smartphone user could possibly want on a phone.


The phone is nicely designed and it has a beautiful display screen, great cameras, great battery life, and great features.


If you’re due for an upgrade you should consider getting the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. You can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus on eBay.


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