Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Review – The First 5G Phone


The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone has arrived. This is Samsung’s first 5G smartphone, this phone will give you extremely fast 5G speeds when you’re connected to a 5G network.


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Review

Pros Cons
  • Big, beautiful display screen
  • Long lasting battery
  • Fast 5G speeds
  • Great camera
  • Very expensive
  • No MicroSD card slot
  • 5G service is extremely limited
  • Not compatible with all 5G networks
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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Introduction:


However, when you’re not connected to a 5G network which will be the majority of the time. The Galaxy S10 5G is very much the same as its sibling the Galaxy S10, a much more expensive version of it.


That’s unfortunate because anyone who buys this phone will not be able to take full advantage of its capabilities due to the fact that 5G is a work in progress, this phone is ahead of its time.


Some Important Things To Know:


Currently, the Galaxy S10 5G is only available on Verizon’s 5G network and AT&T, this network has only been deployed in Chicago and Minneapolis.


AT&T added the phone on June 17, however, it’s only available for corporate customers. The Verizon 5G network is expected to expand to 30 cities before the end of the year.


The Galaxy S10 5G will be available with the other major carriers later this year.


The Galaxy S10 5G has the same processor and three of the same cameras as its sibling the Galaxy S10 Plus.


However, depth-sensing, time-of-flight sensors have been added to the front and back of the phone.




The Galaxy S10 5G is a big phone, which has a 6.7-inch display screen. Phones have been getting bigger within the past few years.


The Galaxy S10 5G is bigger than last year’s Galaxy Note 9 which has a 6.4-inch display screen.


Samsung has been getting better at fitting a large display screen into a smaller frame, the Galaxy S10 5G is compact. However, the display screen real estate that it offers is generous.


Nevertheless, people with smaller hands will have a hard time handling this phone with one hand.


This phone weighs 198g, that’s not too heavy considering the size of the phone.


The power button is located on the right side of the phone and there’s a volume rocker on the left side of the phone. The Bixby button sits directly below the volume rocker.


On the bottom edge of the phone, there’s a USB-C port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This will give you the ability to plug in a set of traditional headphones.


I think it was great that Samsung kept the headphone jack on the phone because many smartphone manufacturers have been getting rid of them.


Display Screen:


The display screen is a 6.74-inch AMOLED display screen, it’s a big, bright display screen which has a ‘punch-hole’ camera in the top-right corner.


The punch-hole on this phone is bigger than that of the other phones in the Galaxy S10 series which also makes it the most noticeable.


However, the punch-hole sits in line with the notification bar so its presence should not be an issue during general use.


But if you’re playing a video game or watching a movie then the punch-hole becomes a bit more noticeable.


The display screen is beautiful, it has QHD+ resolution which has a wide array of rich and vibrant colors.


The display screen also has curved edges, this is something that Samsung has placed on its premium phones for quite some time now.


This is something that many smartphone users appreciate about premium Samsung phones.


The Galaxy S10 5G comes with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which is embedded within the display screen.


The display screen on this phone is beautiful, Samsung did a great job with it.




CamerasLocated at the back of the phone there are four cameras.


There’s the 12-megapixel primary camera, the 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and the 12-megapixel telephoto camera these cameras are also present on the Galaxy S10Plus.


However, the 5G version has another camera which is a time-of-flight (ToF) depth-sensing camera.


This camera records the amount of time it takes the laser pulse to bounce off an object.


This gives the phone the ability to accurately calculate the depth in comparison to smartphones with a dual camera setup.


The Galaxy S10 5G has another ToF camera which is located at the front of the phone. This camera improves the precision of photos taken with the Bokeh effect by making a more precise separation between the subject and the background.


The ToF camera is also very helpful for 3D imaging, facial recognition, virtual reality and augmented reality.


The ToF camera can also optimize photos taken by the other cameras on the phone, the ToF camera extends the capabilities of the phone.


Located at the front of the phone there’s an HQVGA 3D depth-sensing camera along with the same 10MP camera on the other Galaxy S10 phones.


So there’s a total of 6 cameras on the Galaxy S10 5G. The cameras are extremely user-friendly toggling between the primary camera and the ultra-wide camera is very easy due to an on-screen toggle.


The ultra-wide camera does a great job getting lots of people into the photos.


The Live Focus background blur mode is a nice feature which provides a live blur effect before you press the shutter button, and the shutter speeds are extremely fast.


5G Network:


At the moment there aren’t too many places in the US that have 5G coverage. So that makes things a bit more difficult.


However, under the right conditions, the Galaxy S10 5G will have 5G speeds. Verizon stated that if there are more than five 5G devices connected to the same node that performance will likely drop.


So if you’re in a city that has 5G coverage but the networks are congested you will end up getting 4G LTE speeds.


Until Verizon can extend its coverage area, you will not be able to get the full benefits of the Galaxy S10 5G.


Hardware & Performance:


The Galaxy S10 5G comes equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor, international models get Exynos power.


The phone runs on the Android 9 Pie operating system and it has 8GB of RAM, it’s one of the fastest Android phones that are currently available.


Apps load quickly and the phone is very fast and responsive when multi-tasking.


The Galaxy S10 5G comes with 256GB of internal storage, this phone does not have a microSD card slot.


However, if 256GB of internal storage isn’t enough you can opt for the other variant of the phone which has 1 terabyte of internal storage.


The dimensions of the phone are 162.60 x 77.10 x 7.94mm (HWD) and it weighs 198.00 grams and it has an IP68 rating for dust and water resistance.


Battery Life:


The Galaxy S10 5G comes with a huge 4,500 mAh battery and the fast charging technology on this phone gives you the ability to charge it faster than that of the other Samsung phones.


This is due to the new 25-watt adapter, the battery life on the Galaxy S10 5G is good. On average the battery will last for a little over one day of moderate usage.


The Galaxy S10 5G has wireless charging capabilities via Samsung Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 technology which is extremely efficient.


This phone also comes with Wireless PowerShare which gives you the ability to use the phone as a power bank to wirelessly charge other Qi-enabled devices by placing them on the back panel of the Galaxy S10 5G.


This isn’t the fastest method to charge a phone, however, it gives you the ability to charge multiple devices from one power outlet.


Phones are not the only thing you can charge, you can also charge Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watches.




The Galaxy S10 5G runs on the Android 9 Pie with the new Samsung OneUI interface on top. The OneUI interface looks very different from that of its predecessors, it has a new look and feel to it.


Many of the alerts now appear at the bottom of the display screen, and the icons and text are larger.


When holding a big phone such as the Galaxy S10 5G. It’s much easier to reach the alerts that appear at the bottom of the display screen when holding the phone in a natural position.


In comparison to reaching the alerts that appear at the top of the display screen.


My Final Thought:


The Galaxy S10 5G is Samsung’s first 5G phone and it’s also the first 5G phone in the world. However, it’s way ahead of its time. The Galaxy S10 5G is the Galaxy S10 with 5G capabilities and a much higher price tag.


Nevertheless, this is a fast and responsive phone which has great battery life. However, 5G technology is still in its infancy and when it’s further developed this phone will not be fully compatible with the next-generation network.


Nevertheless, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a great phone that performs very well. Take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G on eBay.


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