Samsung Galaxy A50 Review – A Good Budget Phone


The Samsung Galaxy A50 is one of Samsung’s mid-range phones for 2019. This phone has a big display screen with lots of rich and vibrant colors. I will tell you about all the latest features and functionalities of this phone in this in-depth Samsung Galaxy A50 review.


Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

  • Big, beautiful AMOLED display screen
  • Nice design
  • Affordable
  • Only available on Sprint and Verizon
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Samsung Galaxy A50 Introduction:


Aside from the display screen, this phone is nicely designed and the overall performance is good.


At the moment, there is a big demand in the smartphone industry for mid-range phones (budget phones).


Smartphone manufacturers such as Motorola, LG, Google, and others have released some good mid-range phones in an effort to meet the demands.


However, the quality of Samsung’s mid-range phones was not up to par with that of the other mid-range phones on the market.


Nevertheless, it seems as though Samsung has decided to change that trend with the release of the Samsung Galaxy A50.


This phone features a 6.4-inch display screen and a triple camera setup at the back of the phone. This is something that we’ve never seen on a mid-range Samsung phone before.


For $349 this phone offers quite a bit of value and it’s extremely competitive for its price. This phone has a nice look and feel to it.


The Google Pixel 3a is another mid-range phone which was recently released by Google.


Samsung knew it had to do a good job with the Samsung Galaxy A50 to be able to compete with Google’s new phone.


Stiff competition among smartphone manufacturers is always great for consumers.


At the moment the Samsung Galaxy A50 is only available in the U.S. through Sprint and Verizon and it’s only available in black.


The phone comes with 4 GB of RAM 64 GB of internal storage which can be expanded via a microSD card slot up to 512 GB.


Other variants of this phone are sold in other markets around the globe. But this is the only variant that is sold in America.


Samsung has a reputation for making great premium phones, but not everyone is interested in buying a premium phone.


So I think it’s great that Samsung is finally starting to make great mid-range phones as well.


This is not the only mid-range phone we will be getting from Samsung this year. The Galaxy A20 and Galaxy A10e will also be released later this year.


These are phones that will be sold for under $250 and they will be available on a number of different networks including Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Xfinity Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.




The phones have small bezels, a small U-shaped notch which houses the front-facing camera and a 6.4-inch display screen.


When you look at these specs on paper, you may believe that this is a flagship phone.


But when you see this phone up close and you hold it in your hand you will know that it’s not a premium Samsung phone.


It will be very obvious that it’s a budget phone, there’s no comparison between this phone and one of the phones from the Samsung Galaxy S series.


The back panel of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is glossy, at times you may see a rainbow when looking at it from different angles.


However, when you see your reflection on the glossy surface you will notice that it’s distorted and this surface has a tendency to collect lots of fingerprints.


When you compare the Samsung Galaxy A50 to a premium Samsung phone such as the Galaxy S10 Plus.


You will notice that this phone is thinner and is significantly lighter because it’s made of plastic and glass.


In comparison to the Galaxy S10 Plus which is made of aluminum and glass.


Nevertheless, it amazes me that Samsung was able to fit a 4,000 mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy A50 because this phone is so thin.


This phone also features a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack which is located on the bottom edge of the phone.


This is something that many smartphone users truly appreciate but many smartphone manufacturers have been getting rid of it.


I think it was a great decision on Samsung’s part to include the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.


On the bottom edge of the phone, you will also find a USB-C port for charging the phone and a stereo speaker, the speaker gets relatively loud when you crank up the volume.


The Samsung Galaxy A50 also features an in-screen optical fingerprint scanner.


This type of scanner is slower and less secure than the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners that you will find on the premium Samsung phones.


Nevertheless, the optical scanner is reliable and extremely user-friendly, it was nice that Samsung added this feature to a mid-range phone.


This phone does not have an official IP water-resistant rating but this is very common for most budget phones.


Display Screen:


This phone comes equipped with a 6.4-inch, Full-HD+ Super AMOLED display screen.


This is a nice display screen, however, the display screen on the Google Pixel 3a looks a bit sharper.


The display screen on the Samsung Galaxy A50 is brighter than that of the Pixel 3a and it offers a variety of display modes which gives you the ability to fine-tune the colors to your preference.


The display screen on the Samsung Galaxy A50 looks very much like a flagship display screen but you can get it at a fraction of the cost.


The color gamut coverage on this phone is great, the display screen has 192.8% of the sRGB.


Colors on the display screen are rich and vibrant, however, sometimes it has a tendency to look a little over-saturated.


But you can modify the color settings if you are unhappy with the way it looks.



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