Samsung Galaxy A Phones Will Launch Later This Month


Samsung Galaxy AA few days ago Samsung unveiled three mid-range smartphones.


These smartphones are water and dust resistant and they will be launched later this month.


The phones will be launched in Russia and they will expand to other markets around the globe shortly thereafter.


This will be the first set of smartphones launched by Samsung since the Galaxy Note 7 disaster last year.


Samsung Galaxy A:


The three phones that will be launched are in the Galaxy A line. The three different variations of the phone will be the Galaxy A3, A5, and A7.


The dimensions of the display screen will vary from one phone to the other. The display screen on the A3 will be 4.7 inches, the display screen on the A5 will be 5.2 inches, and the A7 will be 5.7 inches.


Samsung’s mid-range A line of smartphones will bare a resemblance to the high-end Galaxy S line. The phones in the A line will feature a fingerprint scanner, 3D glass backing, and a metal frame. The phones will be available in the following colors black, gold, blue, and pink.


While the Galaxy A phones may resemble the Galaxy S phones on the outside. The hardware that will be on the inside will not be as powerful as the hardware in the Galaxy S phones.


The Galaxy A phones have a less powerful processor. The maximum internal storage is 32GB, and there is no SD card slot for expandable storage.


Samsung hasn’t announced the prices for these phones as yet. However, the A series phones which Samsung launched in 2014 started at under $400 for the smaller phones. While the phones in the Samsung Galaxy S line starts at $800.


Hopefully, these midrange phones in the Samsung Galaxy A line will not disappoint us. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to regain the trust of the general public with the release of these phones.



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