5 Things That Everyone Should Do While Random Video Chatting


What’s your favorite thing to do on a random video chat? Some people like to talk about current issues, or just hang out and make some new friends.


CamsurferSince video chatting tends to be a source of entertainment and relaxation, people don’t really analyze their strategies.


But maybe they should! Some people may get a sneaking feeling that they’re getting cut off during chats more often than average, but that’s not necessarily their fault; it could be that if they tried the suggestions below, they wouldn’t get skipped nearly as often.


In other words, you can’t control how people perceive you on random video chats, but you can influence it.


On Camsurf, for instance, there are users from all over the world, chatting with each other round the clock.


That’s a diverse group of people, and there’s plenty of variety to go around – and that includes a variety of factors like lighting, general conversation style, and how well someone can handle a disagreement.


If your chat partners think that they have a good chance of finding a more put-together chatter than you, it could be harder for you to find the kinds of interactions you’re hoping for.


You don’t have to act like a different person in order to be more palatable; all you need is to figure out some of the unspoken rules of random video chats.

Rule #1: Don’t Fall For Scams


CamSurferThere are shady characters in every corner of the internet, and random chat sites are no exception. Unlike romance scams, which target your bank account, the scams you can find on chat sites usually target your identity.


This is why anonymity is such a big deal on many random chat sites; even revealing a last name or an email address can be risky.


If you don’t know what the warning signs are, you might regret your decision to random video chat; fortunately, they’re pretty easy to spot.


Scammers will start by being very friendly – they may pretend that they’re your new best friend.


They tend to be personable and sympathetic, and they might even have a little sob-story to get you emotionally involved.


Once they feel like they’ve worked their magic, they’ll start trying to pump you for information. “I work here, where do you work?” “My last name is this, I come from a big Greek family. What’s your last name?”.


Even though it’ll seem like just another part of the conversation, this should raise a red flag in your head.


Because of these scams, it’s usually considered bad etiquette to ask about personal details on a random chat site. If someone’s doing that, they’re either unaware that it’s bad form, or they’re up to no good.


There’s always a chance that these types of questions are totally innocent, but in any case, just decline to answer, or make something up.


Rule #2: Remember To Relax And Have Fun


Even though it’s possible that you could run into the occasional scammer, you should still let yourself enjoy each chat as much as you can.


Most of the chatters are there simply to make friends and enjoy themselves, so if you go into each chat thinking that they might be fraudulent, you’ll be missing the whole point of random video chatting.


Rule #3: Pay Attention To Your Webcam Presentation


As each new video chatter pops onto your screen, you decide whether or not you want to talk with them – and a big part of that decision is based on what you see.


It works the same way in every video chat, so if you want to ensure that nobody skips you because of bad lighting or a messy room, all you have to do is fix it!


Don’t worry about putting together a professional filming rig for your video chats; sometimes it’s as simple as switching from a fluorescent bulb to an incandescent one.


Or, maybe the lighting needs a better angle. As for the background, you don’t need anything fancy for that either.


Just avoid big blank walls, hectic environments, and too much clutter, and you’ll be fine. Take your time to experiment; you’ll be glad you did once you use your new-and-improved setup.


Rule #4: Come Prepared


What preparation could you possibly need for video chats? Well, if you’re going to be talking, which is pretty much a given, you’ll need something to talk about.


Sometimes the conversation will simply start itself, but if you find that you and your chat partner lack the inspiration of the moment, that’s when you can make a suggestion that you thought of before you even opened up the chat.


There’s no need to think of universally appealing topics, or even clever ones. The main thing is to pick something that could spark a discussion; think of something along the lines of “dogs vs. cats as pets”, or whose favorite bands are better.


You could also take the opportunity to talk about the project you finished last week, demonstrate your guitar skills, or teach each other regional slang.


Even if you decide on half of your conversations beforehand, none of it will seem contrived if you’re genuinely enthusiastic about it.


Rule #5: Hear People Out, Even If You Disagree


This is a necessary part of participating on any site with a diverse user base; you’re definitely going to disagree with some of the people you chat with.


Sometimes you’ll know that there’s absolutely no point in giving them any of your time, but other times you might actually benefit from listening to their perspective. Who knows – you might end up realizing that your own perspective wasn’t quite as balanced as you thought.


Which One Will You Try Out First?


Hopefully, you’ll remember this anyway, but don’t forget to have fun! After all, that’s usually the point of random video chatting, right? Not every chat will be perfect, and that’s ok.


Just shake it off and move onto the next one – you never know what could happen next! If you have any comments or questions about any of this information, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.



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