Qualcomm Has Made A New Chip For Feature Phones


The Nokia 3310 phone was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February. Phones like this are no longer popular in the U.S. However, they are still popular in developing countries throughout the world because they are inexpensive.

Qualcomm 205
Qualcomm believes that they can enhance a feature phone such as the Nokia 3310 to give it some smartphone capabilities. So Qualcomm made the 205 Mobile chip, this chip was developed to give LTE capabilities, more responsiveness, and better graphics to a feature phone.


A feature phone has extremely limited capabilities in comparison to a modern day smartphone.


These phones offer 2G connectivity capabilities for calling and texting. However, the new feature phones with the 205 chip will come equipped with 4G LTE technology.


The 4G LTE technology means better call quality and more reliable connections. Feature phone users will also be able to send emails, perform basic web browsing, and participate in social networking.


Qualcomm recently estimated that 20 percent of all cell phone shipments are feature phones.


Even though this may not be a growing market, there’s still some potential for Qualcomm to make lots of money in this area. The new 205 chip supports CDMA and GSM networks.


The picture quality on the display screen will be enhanced as a result of the new chip. Users will have the ability to stream video at 480p, this is a big improvement.


With the 205 chip, it’s now possible to have a dual-camera setup on a feature phone. Phones with the new chip will also have secure payment capabilities as well as voice-over-LTE.


These features will be important for people who live in developing countries because mobile payments are increasing in popularity.


Feature phones will also have Bluetooth 4.1 capabilities. The new 205 chip is a dual-core chip that will operate at 1.1GHz, this will make the phone run faster and smoother. This chip was developed for Linux-based phones, not Windows or Android phones.


The Qualcomm 205 chip will be available in feature phones in the second quarter of this year.



  1. How cool!! This is so great to know that something like this is being made to accommodate all phones. I would almost call some of these features somewhat a necessity in this time and age. In a world where it is sadly all about money.. still this should have come out a long time ago. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jen, I agree, I think this chip is great because it will give people who aren’t fortunate enough to own a smartphone some smartphone capabilities.

  2. It is always exciting to see new life given to old technology, to take a phone like the Nokia 3310 install a chips and a completely different phone.

    I would definitely be interested in see the finish product! Great article din’t know something like this was in the works…

    Are there any videos,pictures or articles on what this chip is capable of?

  3. Wow, this is exciting. A nokia 3310 are very reliable phones. Some say the most reliable phone ever made!
    I agree that the feature phone isn’t popular in the US any more but a few might be interested.
    So my only question is where would someone be able to purchase a phone like this or these chips…besides the internet? Will Verizon, AT&T, etc. be carrying these devices?

    • Hi Jorda, thanks for the feedback, those are great questions, I’m not sure if the major cell phone carriers will carry these devices. However, if they don’t I’m sure they will be available online.


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