Portable Phone Chargers You Should Use


The Best Portable Phone Chargers Are:

  • Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD
  • iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro
  • Anker PowerCore 10000


If you’re a heavy smartphone user who is looking for a way to extend the battery life on your phone, you should consider getting a portable phone charger.


In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best portable phone chargers that are currently on the market and I will explain why they are among the best.

What Features Do You Need In A Portable Phone Charger?


The features in a portable phone charger will vary depending on the make and model. Some phone chargers are equipped with AC adapters, built-in cables, LED flashlights, wireless charging, and fast charging.


Battery Capacity And Size:


Would you like a small phone charger that can fit comfortably in your pocket? Or would you prefer to have a bigger phone charger with a higher capacity?


Most phone chargers that are small enough to fit in your pocket will have a capacity of 3,500mAh or less. This is enough power to charge most phones once from 0 to 100%.


If you would like a phone charger with a capacity that’s over 3,500mAh. The size will increase, and the phone charger may be too big to fit into your pocket.


If you’re going on an adventure and you’re planning on being away from your home for an extended period of time.


You should consider getting a phone charger that’s over 10,000mAh. This will enable you to charge your phone many times over.


Understanding The Different Ports:


You must find a portable charger that’s compatible with your phone. The type of port/ports that a portable charger has will determine whether or not it’s compatible with your phone. This will also determine the charging speed.


The majority of portable chargers have a standard micro USB port for input and a USB-A port for output. However, more and more phone manufacturers have been opting for the USB-C standard.


As a result of this, you will find a USB-C port as well as a USB-A port. The USB-C port is great because it will charge your phone faster.


USB-C port merges input/output into one port, you will find this on many of the new phones today.


Be Cautious:


You must be cautious because some phone chargers have USB-C input. However, they do not have USB-C output. If you attach a USB-C phone into the USB-C port in one of these chargers.


This will result in the phone trying to charge the phone charger, that’s not what you want. You must be absolutely certain that the phone you would like to charge is compatible with the port that you choose.


Is Fast Charging Important To You?


If you would like to have a portable phone charger with fast charging, you have two different options to choose from.


  • Qualcomm Quick Charge
  • Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging


If you would like to use the Qualcomm Quick Charge your phone must be compatible with the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.


If you would prefer to use Samsung’s Fast Charging, you should know that this is only compatible with certain Samsung phones.


These chargers are great because if you have a phone that’s supported you will be able to charge the phone from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes.


If the capacity in the phone charger that you’re using is high. There’s no need to worry because the phone will only use as much power as it was designed to.


Pass-Through Charging:


This is a type of charging which gives you the ability to connect your phone to the phone charger and charge it while the phone charger is being charged.


This feature comes in handy if your phone and the phone charger are simultaneously running low, you can charge both of them at the same time.


Wireless Charging:


There are now portable phone chargers that have wireless charging capabilities. Qi wireless charging is available for Samsung phones as well as iPhones. There are some phone chargers that currently support this.


Best Portable Phone Chargers Are:

Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD:

Best Portable Phone Chargers


This phone charger measures 6.5 x 3.1 x 0.9 in (HWD) and it weighs 1.3 lbs. This phone charger has a capacity of 26800mAh. This isn’t huge by any means, however, it’s a little too big to fit comfortably into your pocket.


All the ports on this charger are located on the top edge close to the power button. There’s also a set of white LED lights which indicates when the phone is charging.


There’s a 30W USB-C port which is compatible with the Power Delivery 2.0, this gives you the ability to use fast charging for input and output.


This phone charger does not have pass-through charging capabilities. Never the less, this is a powerful phone charger which gives you the ability to charge up to three different phones at the same time.


The Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD has the capacity to charge most phones over 7 times.


iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro:


iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro
The capacity of this phone charger is 30,000mAH and it comes equipped with a USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, pass-through charging, as well as fast charging.


This phone charger measures 6.7 x 3.4 x 1.2 in (HWD) and it weighs 1.5 lbs, so this charger is a bit bulky. The power/status button is located at the top right edge.


There’s a display screen at the front of the device which tells you the percentage of power left, this is something that isn’t present on most of the other chargers that are currently on the market.


The iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 fast charging technology. The voltage varies between 5V/2V, 9V/2A, and 12V/1.5A.


There is a micro USB port for charging the battery charger on the left side. Located at the top of the phone charger you will find a USB-C along with 2 USB-A ports. The USB-C port is capable of input and output.


This phone charger has pass-through charging capabilities as well as simultaneous charging. This makes it possible to charge multiple phones at once while the battery charger itself is being charged.


The iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro is a powerful phone charger which has the capacity to charge your phone several times over.


Anker PowerCore 10000:


Anker PowerCore 10000


The dimensions of this phone charger are 3.9 x 2.5 x 0.9 in (HWD) and it weighs 7.0 ounces. The Anker PowerCore 10000 is the lightest and smallest phone charger which has a capacity of 10000mAh.


This phone charger is compact, lightweight, and it fits easily into your pocket. It comes equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. However, there is no pass-through charging.


There is only one USB charging port on this phone charger, the output for this charger is 5V/2A. There is also a micro USB port for charging the phone charger itself.


There’s no power button on the phone charger, but there’s a status button on it which lights up and blinks when charging.


The phone charger automatically starts charging whenever it detects that a phone has been connected to its USB port.


Located at the front of the charger there’s are blue LEDs which light up to give you an estimation of how much battery power is left in the phone charger.


The Anker PowerCore 10000 is a great phone charger, it’s powerful, small, and lightweight.


These are three of the best portable phone chargers that are currently on the market. If you have any comments or questions about any of these chargers. Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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