You Can Control Your Phone With Open Source Linux Apps


Do you have a phone which can be connected to your computer via a USB cable? If you answered yes to that question then you have the ability to do much more through this connection than you may realize.


For example, you can read and send text messages, make phone calls, and access lots of information from your phone via your PC.


There are several free Open Source Linux applications that will allow you to do this. You don’t need a smartphone to do this, this can be done with any phone that can connect to your computer via USB.



Wammu is a powerful software application which allows you to manage contacts, calendar, text messages, and lots of other data on your phone.


Upon starting the program for the very first time it will launch a “phone wizard” this wizard is capable of automatically detecting your phone if it’s supported.


The Phone option on the menu will allow you to connect to the phone and synchronize the time. The retrieve menu option will allow you to retrieve contacts from the memory of your phone, your SIM card, your call logs, and all messages.


All of this info will be put into the phone tree displayed in the program so you can access it and manage it at a later time.


When the info is transferred some phone numbers may not contain the name of the person whose number it is, and some messages may be jumbled. It all depends on what phone you have.


If your phone supports this function you will have the ability to delete your messages, call logs and everything else.


Whatever you delete through Wammu will also be deleted on your phone as well. This will be done in real-time, and there’s no need for re-synchronization.


You have the ability to add new contacts to your phone’s address book or new events to your calendar via the create option on the menu.


You can also backup all the data on your phone from the backup menu. Wammu is a powerful tool that can help you to extend the capabilities of your phone via your computer.




BitPim is similar to Wammu, however, it’s limited to CDMA phones. BitPim can manage messages, call history, contacts, calendar, MMS messages, videos, photos, playlists, and ringtones. There is also a T9 editor.


BitPim Phone Wizard


BitPim comes equipped with a phone wizard which will help you to connect your phone if it’s supported. There are lots of pages available on their website which explains all the different features and functionalities of the program.


GNOME Phone Manager:


GNOME Phone ManagerGNOME Phone Manager allows you to send SMS messages directly from your computer. Upon starting it, it will automatically detect and connect to your phone and stay in your tray with four options which include; about, preferences, send message, and quit.


If the program doesn’t automatically connect to your phone, the preferences dialog will allow you to choose a different port that it can try.


You also have the ability to configure the program so you can see a pop-up window and hear a notification sound whenever you receive a new text message on your phone.


This program is extremely user-friendly, to send a text message all you have to do is select the send message button from the menu. Input the phone number of the recipient and type the text message and click on the send button.


The only drawback here is that you will have to look up the phone number of the recipient if you don’t have it memorized.



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