OnePlus 5T Review – The Best Budget Phone On The Market


OnePlus 5T Facial Recognition:


This is the first time that OnePlus has implemented facial recognition on one of their phones. This is another great feature that sets the 5T apart from its predecessors.


Ever since the arrival of the first OnePlus phone, many smartphone users have been comparing OnePlus phones to iPhones. So I guess it made sense for OnePlus to add a facial recognition feature to the 5T.


The facial recognition feature on the 5T is good but it’s not as impressive as it is on an iPhone. You can access the facial recognition feature on the 5T by pressing the power button or double-tapping the display screen.


This feature uses over 100 facial identifiers to identify the person who is unlocking the phone, and it’s extremely fast and responsive, it unlocks the phone in a fraction of a second.


The facial recognition feature is extremely user-friendly and it’s easy to set up. This is a great feature because it provides a level of convenience and security.


It’s almost impossible for someone who isn’t the owner of the phone to unlock it via the facial recognition feature.


OnePlus 5T Display Screen:


The main selling point for this phone is the display screen that it possesses. The display screen of the 5T was made by Samsung. The display screen is a 6-inch 1080p Optic AMOLED display screen which has a Diamond Pentile arrangement and an 18:9 aspect ratio.


This is a nice display screen the minimum brightness for this display screen is 2.1nits, this is extremely low. This is great for people who enjoy using their phone in the dark.


The display screen on the 5T looks great when viewing it in direct sunlight. This display screen beat the vast majority of smartphones that are currently on the market in a test in direct sunlight which was done by GSM Arena.


Some features of the display screen on the 5T has been retained from its predecessor and some features have been updated to work in conjunction with the OxygenOS.


The color reproduction on the 5T is great, this phone’s display screen is capable of displaying a wide color gamut. I think the display screen looks great, however, if you’re unhappy with the way it looks.


There are a number of different things you can do to fine tune it. There’s an sRGB mode which will allow you to modify the color reproduction.


And there is also a custom color mode which has a Cold/Warm slider this gives you the ability to modify the color temperature.


When viewing the display screen at different angles it manages to keep its structural integrity. The picture quality, as well as the colors, did not change, they remained consistent.


OnePlus 5T Performance And Hardware:


The 5T comes equipped with 6-8 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, and 64/128 GB of storage which is not expandable. You must remember that the 5T is a mid-range phone, however, these are specs that you would normally find on a premium phone.


The 5T is an extremely fast and responsive phone. This phone works great when multi-tasking and switching from one app to another it never slows down.


This is a result of the fast animation speed, the RAM, the Oxygen OS, and the Snapdragon 835 that powers the phone.


The sound quality on the 5T is great, even when you crank it up, it gets really loud without becoming distorted. I think it’s great that the 5T has retained the headphone jack.


The 5T is a Dual SIM phone which works with all GSM service providers in the US. However, it will not work with CDMA service providers.


OnePlus 5T Battery Life:


The 5T has also retained the 3,300 mAh non-removable battery of its predecessor. On paper, this may seem like a bad idea because the 5T has a bigger display screen. However, the battery will last for roughly one day of moderate use.


The 5T comes with OnePlus dash charge technology which will charge the phone from 0 to 60% in 30 minutes. OnePlus says that you will get a day’s power in half an hour, this is realistic.


However, you must use the dash charge plug that comes with the 5T to get these results. This isn’t bad by any means but it’s not great either, smartphone technology continues to expand at a rapid pace.


I think it’s great that the manufacturers are adding new features and functionalities with the release of every phone.


However, the battery life continues to stay the same, when will the battery life in smartphones significantly increase from that of what we have today?


My Final Thought:


The 5T does not have expandable storage and it’s not waterproof. However, these things are not a deal breaker by any means. The specs of the 5T may not be comparable to the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S8.


However, the 5T cost significantly less money than these phones and the pros significantly outweigh the cons. The 5T is an extremely fast and responsive phone that performs very well.


This is a mid-range phone which performs like a premium phone and it’s the best budget phone that’s currently on the market.


If you’re due for an upgrade but you don’t want to pay the hefty price tag to get a premium phone. You should consider getting the 5T. Please let me know your thoughts about the OnePlus 5T in the comment section below.



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